Monday, December 29, 2008

Beta #2 (unoffically #3) results in and GOOD

Beta # - 351 Doubling time =1.41 days.
from master beta list (which is posted on SMO and is just a list of everyone's beta #s at certain #dp#dt, and how many they ended up carrying or shown up at the ultrasound) a list to help people even more obsess over their IVF surrogate pregnancies.. which I am so very guilty of, lol!
my beta number shows up in BOTH the singleton pregnancy and the twin pregnancy numbers.. ultrasound will be a surprise no matter what the outcome!
Singleton: 110, 144, 161, 183, 189, 207, 219, 241, 258, 273, 278, 290, 300, 310, 311, 321, 351, 371, 388.5, 390, 394, 420, 447, 450, 531, 658, 687, 775, 788, 813, 1458, 1531

Twins: 238, 254, 304, 326, 351, 397, 562, 593, 623, 650, 735, 815, 826, 1007, 1120, 1433, 1469, 1952, 2175

Trips: 1197, 1250, 1400, 1448, 1642

Sunday, December 28, 2008

another cool pregnancy ticker

here is the babystrology ticker.. not as detailed but still cool!

Saturday, December 27, 2008

how pregnant am I ... GSx2 transfer #1

pregnancy week by week

all the test now say +, or PREGNANT

I had my 1st and 2nd betas done. the first not being the "official" 1st, as it was done Dec 22 which was 7dp3dt (7days past 3 day transfer, also 10 days past Egg Retrieval) the Beta came back at a 9, which anything over 5 is positive for pregnancy. but being it was so early, the clinic wasn't counting that beta as official since the 1st one was originally gonna be the 26th, which now is beta # 2, and came back at 81, which is a good number, doubling time of 1.26 days and they want doubling between 48-72 hours (2-3 days)
3rd beta is on Monday and should have at LEAST doubled to indicate a viable pregnancy.
then another beta on Friday, if Monday's goes normal, and the the BIG ultrasound on the friday after that, January 9th 2009..
the digital.. which only would come out readable like this. hahaha
and then LINED tests! early ones

Sunday, December 21, 2008

POAS (pee on a stick)

the peeing has begun.. I held out till 3dp3dt (three days past three day transfer)
got neg tests pretty often.. I thought I saw something on this test 5dp3dt (yesterday) on the pm test.. see here??
and then I found an OSOM (a brand that has been known to show early positives) and took it this afternoon.. and seen this 2nd? line before 10 min mark (1st pic).. then REALLY see it past 10 min under 20 min mark (2nd pic)
ok thats it for now.. I am out of OSOMS.. I only found the one.. I hope this is it!
I am now begging for an early beta mon morn... wonder if that will happen PLEASE

Friday, December 12, 2008

hanging out in Connecticut

having a good time, just finding things to occupy our time till the transfer monday.
Egg retrieval is this morning, it may be complete, not for sure though.
I had my first Progesterone injection last night and Paul did it for me. He did a great job!
It was the first time I didn't do my own shot. I didn't feel anything except the very first of the poke, then nothing.. but now it is sore, no bad, but oh my sore butt!!!

Monday, December 8, 2008

leaving SOON....

so the weather in CT is going to be averaging around 30-40 degrees.. BRRR!!
we leave EARLY wed morn. plane set to leave 9:30, and we must leave early of course with the holiday travelers clogging up the airports.. we have a 2 hr layover in Chicago, then flying into the airport in CT, which is different because last time we flew into LaGuardia in NY.
I still hope to get out to NY, and make a lovely day out of it. shopping, touring, all that good stuff.. freezing. haha
we have our thermals ready to use, but I'm not sure how warm that will keep us.. not to keen on the freezing weather. Well have to eat lots of HOT meals!!
cant wait to share more pics, and good news!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Results from atp on 11/24

had a lining check and hormone blood check on Tuesday, these are my results.
lining was 11.1mm (they like to see a number over 7)
estradiol is 1019 (they like to see a number over 250)
progesterone is 0.6 (they like to see a number <2). Everything looks good.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

supression ultrasound

Had an appointment with the local RE. made sure my blood hormone levels were ok, and that the lupron had my ovaries suppressed..
everything went GREAT... still on track for Dec 11- 17 transfer.
on another note, we are to be in the NY area those dates, and the same month 2 other of my online friends are going to be there.. but all DIFFERENT weekends!! arg. too bad we couldn't meet up there.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Did I really start another IVF cycle - Lupron injectables

well I gave myself the first of many injections on the road now to another IVF cycle. It felt just like another "thing" to do. Like "ok time to take my lupron now" lol. its part of me now haha.
The Progesterone is what I am not looking forward to. the shots don't really hurt (unless you hit a tender part of your bum) its the knots and bumps the meds leave behind. oh well, it ends up going away in the end so no biggie..
I am also still taking the BCP, and I have added in the prenatals. next I think is the estrogen.
oh yeah, don't forget to check out my savings blog.. lol

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

making a prediction... yes this early

ok I am going to do it. but it is only a guess.. if they transfer 2 embryos, we could end up with 2 babies, 1 baby, or none.. I am going to go ahead and guess 2. and I am going to guess girls. anything could happen between now and transfer time. shoot the transfer could be cancelled for all we know. pray it wont though. anyhoo, thats my entry for today..
Twin Girls

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Looking at possible due dates

If the egg retrieval is between December 8th and 12th, then that would give us a due date of August 31st at the earliest and September 4th at the latest. Those are just due dates though.
If it is twins then the delivery date would most likely be before those dates depending on my bady. anyhoo I just want to share that !! :)

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

I have my TIMELINE

well I got the cycle timeline emailed to me today. it has a dec 8 - 12 egg retrieval from the donor, which means a possible transfer on Dec 11th at the earliest, and 17th at the latest (but thats estimating) so excited!!
yes I still have the northern cold in mind.. brrrr, lol!
oh and I just had photo shoot with Tina Zak Photography ( ) for the girls.
this is my favorite image, and I plan to have this one blown up to a very large print, framed and hang on my living room wall!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Finished the screening process

finally got the blood work and urine need for the screening. That was the last thing for the screening.
We also have had the contract signed as of last week, and I have been on BCP for 3 weeks now.
We are looking at a Dec transfer. looking like the week before Christmas. I am excited, yet not. It is going to be so cold there. I have a hard time with the cold!!
so things are looking up so far!!!
IPs are doing good. I want to have more contact with them, but I have not been able to due to being so busy at home, with the house and the kids, and the husband etc!
life goes on :)

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

the ball is rolling forward a bit

I got news in an email from my IPs that they received they contract today. They will have to read over it, and see if anything needs to be changed and then have it sent over to me to review.
CFA has also sent an email today regarding ultrasound and blood work. They informed me that they now fly the surrogates out to CT for their screening instead of having it done locally. That stinks, but hey I gotta do what I gotta do. They did say they would ask Dr D if I for sure have to fly there, esp since I have worked with them before and had my screening done here. Hopefully I don't have to travel for the screening, that would stink, its a long flight, and from the airports, its a long drive to get to the clinic.
Well see what happens.

Friday, August 15, 2008

I am officially 25!!

well the day is coming to an end, and I have to say it was a good one. My 25th birthday.
I got to sleep in this morning, thanks to my hubby Paul. He also got me 2 cards, one from the girls and one from him. They were both cute. He also got me another priceless gift, we are in the trial mode of it right now. Thank you hunny. We went to see "Hancock" at the Star Cinema Grill, and ate wings, while my SIL T watched the girls.
I was also very surprised when I received a flower delivery around 2:00. I was sure my mom sent flowers since she hadn't sent a card, or a gift, and she usually does that. No, they were not from her, they were from my new IPs F & L. They are so wonderful, and the arrangement is so beautiful. Thank you Thank you!!
see here
My dad sent me a b-day card, with a gift card to Lowes. I am wanting to get a new gas stove in the near future and the $ will go towards that.
MY MIL came over with cup cakes, a single tres leches for me, and a "money tree" with $20 in dollar bills strung on the leaves.
My SIL also came over and got me one of the wipe off boards, mon - fri, just like the one she has that I had been eying and wanting for awhile.
and thanks to all for your Texts, myspace comments, and messages!! I heart you all for thinking of me on my birthday!!

I forgot to show off our new kitten..

We don't have a name for her yet (any suggestions?), and we arnt even 100% shes a girl either. But were are pretty sure..
We adopted this kitty August 4th. We got her from one of Paul's friends. The momma had had these kittens June 6th, and now the friend needed to have the kittens addopted out as they had too many cats already. These cats were not even officially hers, I guess you can consider them the neighborhood stray, that decided that they were going to live at B's house and so they did, and B and her family sorta adopted them by feeding them..
anyway she is really good with the girls, the girls are ok with her, they need to be alittle more gentile. and Merlin our boxer just wants to play with the kitten, haha.
here she is.. all gray..
with Valerie of course

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

I feel so good I feel so great, yeah!

Ah, I sigh of relief now that I am back with my good ol agency Circle. They have matched me again with the most wonderful IPs F & L, who are in Switzerland! (7 hour time difference than here in TX)
We had or first phone call earlier this evening and talked for an hour the first go around, (we missed L on the first call) and then about 30-45 min on the second call. All went well, we clicked very quick, and we all are into our "match" and very ready and eager to move one step closer to making F & L parents! (as this will be their first child/children)
Circle has all of my medical records, and sent them on by Dr Doyle's office for reviewing, which has already been completed. I also have my MMPI psych screening completed as of my last journey so hopefully that will be one thing we can save time on and skip.
I am also VERY excited to be working with Dr Doyle and CFA again. woo hoo :)
I have also signed up for a new message board as of 2 months ago called
I have been getting deals like crazy! things for free, nearly free, and things with overage!
I wish I would have checked into this sooner. I just think for the longest time I thought it was too good to be true.
there is a system and a rhyme and a reason to how its done, but the site helps out with all of that.
anyway, here is some of what I have been up to regarding the couponing I am speaking of!
do YOU know the real value of a coupon!?!?!
take a gander at some of my coupon related pics
MY organization
and my ever growing STASH

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Officially UNMATCHED !!!! .. back to square one

ok, so I knew I should have just stayed with ONE agency. The agency I knew was a good and reputable one, and one where I knew the way things worked since I had successfully completed one journey with them.
All I have to say about R & M is WOW.. and not a good wow. I feel lied to and deceived. Not something myself or Paul could move past. If you know me well enough, or have seen it posted elsewhere, you will know the details on what excatly happen when Paul and I flew to PA July 23-24th for the medical screening and in person IP meet.. nothing on our end was the problem just to say that.
cheers.. heres to matching with a great couple working with Circle Surrogacy, and working with Dr Doyle at CFA again..

Friday, June 27, 2008

Matched AGAIN....

yep you read correct. I have matched again.
The first journey went so fast, I am on to help another couple.
I officially matched Last Friday, July 20th, after Paul and I had a 1 hour conference call with the couple and the agency's IP coordinator.
This time they are from the states, Pennsylvania to be exact. R & M have no children and we have chosen each other to move forward in this whole journey/process called surrogacy.
We are still in the very early stages of this whole process, and are playing the waiting game, hopeful we can stay patient through the tick tock of the clock.
Paul and I will be flying to Pennsylvania for a marathon day of screening at R & M's clinic in Philadelphia (Penn Fertility) in the near future Once the clinic has okayed my medical records we will have that date set up.
other things happening here in the house of Vs.. Veronica has been potty trained for a month now!!(accidents are minimal!!) .. :) FINALLY, at 3 1/2 years old.. ahh what a relief.
lots of Play-Doh and Coloring in coloring books..
here is a cute pic I took of the girls today!
oh and hallelujah we got a new wireless router.. our Linksys was CRAP.. hopefully our new Netgear will be AWESOME.. so far it is!!! it even looks 100xs cooler than the linksys!

Monday, June 9, 2008

Whats going on now?

Well I guess a lot is going on.
well except I don't have any baby Victoria update news as of yet. I just emailed my FIPs (former IPs) and asked for an update, and some pictures. I don't know how that will go over, I sent them an email May 8th, and didn't get a reply.
Little miss Victoria Turned 2 months old yesterday.
. Am I doing another surrogacy....?
As soon as I had Victoria I knew I wanted to be a surrogate again for another family. I even knew during the whole pregnancy, and even before that I would probably want to carry for more than one set of IPs.
Now here I am looking at doing another journey. I posted an ad up on SMO for an independent search for IPs, and but also let my former agency Circle Surrogacy know that I would like to do another journey with them, and if I didn't find a match before the 3 months when agencies will start to match you after a delivery, then I would work with them again.
So far I have had no matches independently, but came close a couple of times, but no go on those. I did put an app with Melissa B. lawyer/agency and they thought they had a match, but I am not comfortable with selective reduction "just because”, so no match there. I don’t think I’ll be working with them, a little too business like, and I haven’t heard great things about them. My thinking is if you REALLY don't want twins or more, then don't put back more than 1 embryo at a time. If you are having to have a surrogate, and go through IVF then you should be happy with whatever you get. But hey I am not knocking anybody for thinking differently than that, because to each his own, and I stand by that. My opinions are only that.... my opinions.
So far I have my profile all set up, fees updated and me and Paul agree on all of that which is awesome, he is finally putting some thought into this along with me. I guess I am just waiting on the perfect couple to see my profile.
Oh and yes I am working with Circle Surrogacy again, I just had really good experience with them my first journey, and I would like another good experience with them.. Oh and if YOU decide to work with them, Tell them I sent you! :)
I know it isnt that far in-between pregnancies, but I really enjoy being pregnant esp helping others add to their own families when they can’t do it all themselves.
Hope to be adding more updates on that, soon!
oh and great news about Veronica my 3 1/2 yr old.. She is FINALLY potty training! woohoo!
I thought shed be in diapers forever, lol, not really, but I was getting so tired of no interest in the potty. I just said one day to her, "no more diapers", and really it has been great since. She has had a couple of accidents, and wears a pull up at bedtime and nap time. But for only been at this for about 2 weeks, it is going great.
~Amanda V.
Here is our families most recent pic. I just got a new mini tripod and was testing it out!

Saturday, April 19, 2008

My feet are back to normal...

well, I thought I'd share what my feet normally look like, after seeing them being blown up and huge.. now they look so skinny after looking at them big for so long.
and heres a pic of Victoria at 4 days w/ her eyes open. I just found it while loading the foot pics, lol.
she is 4 days old.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Visiting with my IPs now complete family

So my IPs came over for a visit, and I FINALLY got to hold Victoria in my arms, instead of her in my ribs, lol.
They also came with their AuPair, and their 3 boys.
just Victoria and I

Veronica, me and the baby Victoria

outside with Victoria

left to right- IF, Ronan, IM Lorna, baby Victoria, Myself, and my DH Paul

Myself and IM handing over Victoria

Me and IM

Moms with their children!

and just a couple of Victoria... her legs are still a little froggy from being breech for so long!!

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Happy BIRTHday Victoria

6:30am Wed I woke up, feeling like it was "the day". I had been feeling that way since the night before. I took a walk around my neighborhood to maybe stimulate anything that would be happening that day. After walking 45min, I got home. I didn’t notice having contractions that were too hard.
7:30 I decided I wasn’t in real labor, or it was too early and went ahead and left for school. I was having more and more contractions the whole way there. They kept getting more and more painful. I was almost there when I had a really painful contraction and decided that was too painful and turned around. I called my Dr’s office on the way home, which they told me to time contractions and call back in 1 hour.
8:30 I went home and when I got inside my room to tell Paul I was in labor, I started to have a contraction and all of a sudden my water broke!! My underwear and pants were soaked, but of course I wasn't sure it was “my water”at the time and Paul kept telling me to "stop peeing on the floor!". I got dressed and put on a giant attends pad from my previous births, incase of leakage. We got the girls up and dressed and drove them to my mother-in-law’s house. Paul also made me sit on a towel, so as to protect our car from fluid.
9:30 We then headed to the hospital. Well we stopped off to get Paul some coffee, and I called my IPs to tell them I was going to the hossy and that I would let them know when and if it was time to come to the hospital.
10:30am .. We arrived at the hospital. Everyone there was wondering what was going on since I never had any “real” appointments, and the Dr just saw us when we arrived. They finally got the Dr, and we went in for him to check everything out down there. I was then told I was 3-4cm and the dr could feel the baby's bum with no bag of water, so my water DID break! I then sat up and looked down because more fluid had come out, and now it had brown/green all in it. It was baby poo, since breech-butt first babies have pressure down there and have Bms during labor and delivery. Dr made a prediction of the baby’s arrival time between 4:30-5pm.
11:00am I was admitted, and I had to have oxytocin because my contractions started to get weak. I dilated to 5cm at noon.
2:00 I was checked again, where I was told I was still only 5cm. What a let down. I think they turned up the oxytocin then , because that is when the real pain started.
3:45 I was 8cm, this time there was lots of baby poo coming out so we knew we were close. Paul was very grossed out by the poo, and said the Dr got it all over his arm. I decided not to look. At this time I asked for the epidural. The epidural they gave me was a joke. I could feel and move my legs fine. I started to get pain and pressure to push soon, and I was moaning in pain, and trying not to push. They then told me the epidural was not like the other that I have had, because she was a breech baby, I could not have much medication from the epi, since I was going to have to push her out being backwards which is harder etc.. so I was 9 1/2cm and then 10, pushing..
4:45 We had to leave the labor room, and go to the O.R. and deliver in there just incase I needed a c-sec. I had Lorna come in w// me since only 1 person could come. By then I was on the flat hard O.R table, my legs strapped into these 2 giant boot stirrup thingys They set everything up in the O.R. just incase, the arms on the operating table, sticker heart monitors for me, oxygen mask, OMG too much for me and too cold. The room was also filled with LOTS of people. Most just staring watching me, the “breech”, which my mom heard a couple of residents in the hallway refer to me as.
5:00pm I started to push, and it was so hard. I have never had to work and push that hard EVER. I was SO tired pushing, and I had to count to 10 pushes, in sets of 3. so breath, push 1-10, breath, push 1-10, breath, push 1-10... plus being on a flat surface, I had to reach and grab my legs, pull my self up like a sit up, hold my breath, tilt my head down and PUSH with all my might.. I really thought they were going to have to cut me open because I had no strength to push, and I felt like I was doing nothing! They had turned off the Oxytocin while on route to O.R. so I had no more help really, and the pain was great.. I prayed and I think that is what did it, I did not feel I did that on my own! Also in between contractions I would lay flat, and just close my eyes, at one point I pulled off my oxygen mask. And I was complaining of heartburn indigestion. Which some guy gave me something for that earlier which tasted like sour ass, and didn’t help anything just gave me a worse taste in my mouth along with the acid taste. I would also peek for a second at the numerous people just standing around just waiting for the next contraction.. Just nothing like any delivery I had ever had. Or could ever imagine happening.
5:15 She did finally come out and it felt like one long head, or delivering 3 heads all in a row. It was really painful and lengthy. In a head first delivery, the head would come out, then all easy from there, nope the most painful part came last part for me. Her butt, legs and arms were delivered, I felt each movement they made, and each limb they pulled out because it was very painful. After that, they grabbed some special forceps, and inserted them on each side of the baby's head, and tilted her whole body including her head, up and delivered her head that way, and OMG that was very painful there..
Victoria Eliza was born 5:15 pm 4-08-08, 7lbs 3.9 oz... girls only weighed 6.3 and 6.6 !. They said her cord was long. and then my I.M. got up and went to see the baby. During that time my placenta would not deliver, and they had to go in, yes go in, and rip it out, that was another kind of pain as well .. and that was AFTER they had already stitched up my 2nd degree tear! I have never had any problems like that before. I had to be stitched up again, and this time I told her she had to get some numbing meds.. So after all that I was all cleaned, and moved onto another table. It was then I started to shake. I was jittery and so cold. And so freaking drained and tired!
5:50 We all got back to the labor room, Paul and my mom came in, and the baby was wheeled in and my IPs came in the room as well. I had covers pulled up to my chin and I was shaking still. Everyone was holding the baby and taking pictures, They asked if I wanted to hold the baby, I told everyone I wasnted to hold her later since I was so shaky and tired.
6:05pm My mom and Paul then left to get me some dinner and my IPs left to get dome dinner while to baby went to the nursery. I then fell asleep for 45 min, and woke up to hospital food, yum and yuck at the same time, I was so hungry anything would have tasted good, lol. But then my mom and Paul came to the rescue with baked potato with chopped beef on top! Yummy yum.
My I.M. ended up rooming in with me. We got special treatment and got a private room, which Is hard to come by in a county hospital. The room was very tiny and we could barely fit, and had to move my bed just to get L a fold out chair in the room for her to sleep on. Baby also slept in the room, and she slept part time in the bassinet, and then on my IM’s chest. I was still so tired so I didn’t get to hold the baby while in the hossy. I did get to hold her when their fam came over for a get together, with Victoria a couple days later.
Here are the pics I have.
the blurry pics were taken by DH. I left the camera setting on "close up" photography, and he doesnt know to check for things like that..
DH though this was funny..
the life of a contraction..



this was taken immediatly after delivery when I got back from the OR.. I was SO freaking cold and tired.

and a not so good pic of the IPs with the Victoria (notice IM in the gown and hat, she was with me in OR when I was delivering)

and the room I shared with my IM and Victoria.. it was cramped for sure! but thank god we didnt get roomed with 4 others which almost happened.. I was thankful for this when I heard where we woulda gone.

and IM took this of me..

Friday, April 4, 2008

Dr visit today

well I went to the new Dr again today. quick visit. he just checked my cervix for dilation and then we talked about delivery and induction.
he said I was about 2cm dilated, and cervix wasnt too effaced (shortened).
He said he really didn't want to induce since that would increase the likely hood of us needing a c-section, plus the only window next week would be Wednesday the 9th, he wants me to page him on that day and tell him how things are feeling to me. basically If I still haven't had the baby on my own by my due date of April 13th, then we will induce that next week, 14th -17th
if that happens it will be the longest pregnancy I've ever had.
I have this feeling though that I will be delivering on the 9th. I'll be praying for labor for sure.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

OMG are they going to explode?!?!

38weeks 4 days.. The swelling is oh so bad! and oh so gross.. can't wait for this to be over, and I can have my scrawny little feet and ankles back!

38 weeks 4 days .. belly pic

these are better to compare with the others since they were taken in better lighting.
Oh, and notice the new shower curtain in the background.. matches the theme now, how cute?!
38 weeks 4 days38 weeks 4 days

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Another attemp at the 3D ultrasound place

Well I went in for another peek at this little one, now at 37 weeks 3 days.
of course she is being miss prissy, and hiding herself again. We did not get any really good shots of her face, AGAIN. Hope this girls parents know what they are in for with this little one!
we did get some pics.. really good ones of her right foot, which she is hiding behind, lol.
to see ALL the pics.. click link to see the whole slideshow..

leg and hidden face
hidden side view
and ok pic of her face

Friday, March 21, 2008

The swelling continues

Here at 37 weeks.. The swelling continues.. and is starting to freak me out.

Woah, check this out..
and one more for the road.. lol

Vaginal all they way.. .. yay - 36 wks 5days

Well I went to see the new doctor at the new hospital today. His name is Dr. Yaomans.
After almost getting the run around at the hospital since he said I didn’t need an appt, I thought I saw him in the hall, and stopped him. It was him!! I had looked up his bio online and saw his picture. I was so surprised that he just happened to walk by, and I thought to say something. I have no idea how long I would have waited if I wouldn’t have seen him, and I let those ladies give me the runaround. We didn’t even know if he would be able to deliver me, or I’d be switching to him for sure yet.
He took us in his office, and we talked for a short bit. He explained his experience delivering breech vaginally. He also said that baby and I had to meet certain criteria to be a good candidate for vaginal breech and for him to deliver me. He also said that if we didn’t meet the requirements that he would suggest I go back to my other Dr and have a c-sec. I would feel a lot better if this man suggested I have a c-section, than my regular Dr just flat out saying to have one.
We had an ultrasound to check the babies weight, and position. To be eligible to vaginal delivery, she has to be between 6 - 8.5 lbs ( she measured 6lb 2oz by this U/S machine), not be looking up which they call “star gazing” ( she has her head looking down, chin tucked in). Also the best breech position for baby to be in is Frank Breech, which the legs are extended and the feet are in front of the face (which is what she is). The baby met all her requirements. Dr also had to do a pelvic exam on me to see how my bones “down there” are, and if there is adequate room for this delivery. I met my requirements as well (lots of room to move a big baby if needed, lol), and we are on the road to a vaginal delivery again! He also said my cervix is softening, and I am already dilated to 2cm.
He did bring up the External Version to turn the baby, but he said he wouldnt say try it, since it is painful and not 100% effective, only about 50% and thats only Drs. that are good at the procedure, he said about 20% effective for the others. He said he usually tries them for 5 min, with no type of anesthesia. He said baby is such a good canidate for delviery in her position, that well just skip it, and I agree.
I will not be having this baby before April 6th if she doesn’t come on her own. Dr Yaomans wants spontaneous labor, but he will consider induction after 39 weeks which is after the 6th.
This new hospital is LBJ Hospital about 45 min away from me, but totally worth the drive for this Dr. it is also not a private hospital, but a county learning hospital. both small sacrifices to try for our vaginal delivery!
-- oh I forgot to add that my feet are getting sooo swollen lately.. ugh they hurt and they look freaky! I pressed my finger into the side of my ankle and the indent lasted for several minutes.. time to put my feet up. LOL.. I need to share a pic.. keep an eye out for that :P

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Another breechling baby update.... 36wks 3days

I knew going into the apt today that she was still breech. I told the U/S Tech that I knew she was breech still, but if she didnt believe me she could look for herself, lol.
Well during the US I asked a couple of questions. I found out she is Frank Breech with her feet by her face, she is facing towards my back during the ultrasound.
When the Dr came in, He still suggested she could turn although he doubted she would on her own. He did say we should talk about the external version, and scheduled another apt for monday to maybe schedule one.
I pressed the issue of delivery breech vaginal. we talked back a forth. He said most Drs dont deliver vaginally and would be almost impossible to find a dr to deliver me. I kept pressing it, since this baby is frank, and I have 2 uncomplicated vaginal deliveries with little pushing. I looked up breech deliveries online and discovered I fit into the ideal vaginal delivery canidate.
He finally thought of a dr he could recomend me to. He became optimistic when he remembered the dr. He had actually trained my Dr and delivered some breech while he was learning.
He called that Dr to see if he still delivered breech, and he said he did. My dr said if there is a good canidate for breech vaginal, that I was it.
The "new" dr said he can see me friday between 8-12. He is sill going to talk version as well, and I know I could still end up with a c-sec, I just don't feel right rolling over and just having one just "because". (if I went into labor tonight I would have a c-sec though since I havent seen new dr)
MY IPs seem optimistic as well since finding out baby is frank breech.
this does mean I will me changing my delivery hospital, and I'll need to find out what to do with all our paperwork. Gotta do what we gotta do.
hope I didnt leave anything out..
oh wait.. I did have a Webster technique session at a chiropractor today. totally weird since I have never been to one. It was very nice to lye on my belly, the table had a fold down part where my belly could go, lol.
No movement from baby during or right after procedure, I think she was just tired and sleeping. She had been up and very active just before the O/B visit. The adjustment was nice though, and I may go back again.
..ok there I think thats the end from today.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Looking for ways to turn baby..

I've been looking for ways to get this baby to turn and be the right way..
I have come across a few things that I could try.
1 being accupunture related, something called Moxibustion
2 trying a chiropractor, and getting one whos knows the webster technique
and a bunch of other things basically saying to elevate my bum, and put myself more or less, upside down so maybe baby will turn.
I have a friend who went to American College of Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine (ACAOM), and graduated about a yr ago.
She moved to Dallas, but I asked her about getting a treatment somewhere here local in Houston.
She recomended going to the school's clinic.
I made an apt with one of the OB accu specialists. I didn't know for sure if she could help. I did some research online about Moxibustion, which is without the needles but with burning moxi near the accu point near the pinkie toe. sometimes used with needles I read. I had the apt today at 1:30.
the intern came in and asked a bunch of questions, she was very nice. She told me she was pregnant as well, 17weeks and just found out she was having her 2nd little boy. how neat. She went to get the Acupunture Dr to see what treatment would be best. As soon as she walked in the room, she said "wow you are due" and started to explain to me how the baby was too big, and how there wasnt much fluid for her to a turn with the treatment. She had me lay on the table anyway, and felt around on my belly. She could feel the baby's head, and she commented on how big she was since I was 36 weeks 2days already. she said if I came in sooner maybe around 32 weeks the treament would be more likely to work.
I would have come in sooner but the thing is I hadnt had an U/S since 20 wks (22-23weeks at the 3D ultrasound!!) I had no idea she was head up.
I still have my ob apt tomorrow for my 1 wk checkup and another U/S.
After that apt with a local chiroprator to get the Webster technique done.
I found him and another lady through an online site with a list of registered chiropractors with the knowlegde to do the webster technique.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

So the swelling has begun..

This is the swelling that has started now at 36 weeks.
Notice the indents on my ankles from the socks!!
Never really had any swelling when pregnant with my own girls.

Friday, March 14, 2008

Ultrasound says shes BREECH!! wow

well this is something I didnt even think about..
I went in for my appt, at 35wks 5days, and the ultrasound tech informs me baby is in the breech position.
I have another apt wed to check her position again.. maybe she will turn??? maybe not.. :(
Dr is giving 3 things that could happen.
1. hope she turns on her own.
2. c-section
3. try an external version ( where they manually try and turn the baby from the outside on my belly)
poo poo!! I do not want a c-section, for me or this baby
and I just got over worrying about my 3hr glucose! (which I passed flying colors thank god) Plus the Strep b test was negative, woo hoo.
now this.. I know everything will be fine. but I cant help but just be down about this finding.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Am I really 35 weeks...

Time is FLYING :)
some updates-
I have passed my 3 hour glucose test with flying colors, thank God!
weight gain is good, and blood pressure is fine.
Looking like an April 9th delivery. I have school I have to work around lol.
I will be 39 weeks 3 days on that day.
35 weeks pics-