Monday, April 1, 2013

Taking a break

I still check my blog from time to time when I get new comments or questions. I have just been taking a break from surrogacy and being a mom to my own kiddos. If you read my family blog you'll see that I now have 4 kiddos of my own, bring my delivery count to 6 including the surrogate babies. Life is very busy, and while I am not currently looking to do another surrogacy, I believe that one day I will be a surrogate again, and least one last time.
Update on my surrobabies-
Victoria is turning 5 on April 8th 2013! What a big day! I don't hear much from their family, but that is okay with me, as I bet they are very busy with their family of 4!
Lil Lone Ranger is 3 1/2 and turning 4 in August 2013. I hear lots from their family, and see lots of pictures. They are doing amazing, and they even have a 2nd surro baby delivered by another surrogate, so lil lone ranger is a big brother!
Thats about it, thanks for reading.