Thursday, September 3, 2009


well my 2nd journey is over, and even though I am sooo happy, I am a little sad. It all flew by in a blink of an eye.
Right now I have no thoughts on doing a 3rd journey. I am not saying I will never do it again, even though it is a possibility that I may never do another surrogacy, but that I'm not counting it out forever as a possibility, IF I did another it would be in the far future..
Anyway, I still need to post some more pictures, and tell my "birth story", which is not that exciting, but I still want to share, check back for that.
My weight is going down, not as fast as last time, but steadily. I am kinda excited to start getting the real weight off here soon, I am still achy, and not going to start doing too much too soon, especially something that isnt reasonable and something I can't keep up with.
I have heard that my IF has left with "The Little Lone Ranger", and are heading to Chicago to spend a month with family there, then off to his home overseas. I hope to see them again someday. I am expecting to see pictures via the internet, and updates online as well. I will share them as I get them.
♥ Amanda

Friday, August 28, 2009

The BIG day!!

I am in the hospital still as I am posting this, I just wanted to give a quick update here, since I can't log into any social networking site as they are blocked by the hospital internet. I am going to post my birth story later with more details, as this lap top isnt very comfortable to type on, esp in this bed.
"The Little Lone Ranger" was born near the very end of Aug 2009 @ 39weeks 10:25am weighing 8lbs 4oz and 19 1/2 inches long... after ONE push!! :) I am one proud surro momma

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Time is ticking down to the induction.... 39wk belly pic

I am 39 weeks and going in for my induction. Hope all goes well, and I hope to get out soooon, cause I already miss my girls and I havent even been away from them from an hour yet!!
took some pics earlier today. I never wear makeup so "enjoy" lol. from all angles cause we won't be seeing this again. at least for a looooong time it at all. Get ready to be born "Little Lone Ranger"!!

Monday, August 24, 2009

38 weeks 3 days

nothing new. alot of frustration, not with the pregnancy, but with WHEN the delivery will take place.. Having babies for yourself is hard. Timing it and having babies for others is even harder!!
ok, I couldn't pick just one or 2 pics this time.. I picked 3. I love them so much!! from today 38wks 3 days.. haha and excuse the tripos on the camera, I didn't realize it would look so funny :P

Saturday, August 22, 2009

False alarm - 38 weeks 1 day

I woke up at 7 am, having contractions. I started to time them and of course they came 3-5 min apart for a full hour, which I timed via Contraction Master . I got my stuff together, dropped the girls off to head to the hospital to make sure. I get there, still having contractions, nothing too bad, the check me and I am 1-2 cm dilated. They hook me up to the monitors and I have to now sit for an hour. I watched TV tossed and turned in the uncomfortable bed, the hour went past pretty quick with the TV on, and the nurse came back and checked me, still the same 1-2 cm dilated, but contracting. She called OB and he said to send me home and only to come back if they got more intense. If it wouldn't have been a Saturday I bet money they would have kept me.
what is funny to me about this, I have had 3 births, 2 of which were natural started labors, and only 1 was an induction, and both of the natural labors, and my 4th delivery I get sent home with a false alarm!!

Monday, August 17, 2009

37 week apt

I had my 37 week apt (I am 37 weeks 3 days today)
I had another ultrasound checking the baby's position, he is still head down. The Dr also checked my cervix for dilation, he said I was about a fingertip dilated, and had a soft cervix, so when labor starts (or the induction) the cervix is ready to go!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Baby "stuff"

I have some of F & L's things for the baby, they left them here so they don't have to travel with them before the baby needs to use them. What do you think, CUTE huh, can't wait to see what the real baby looks like in it... am "I" thinking of having another of my own now, hmmm I dunno... Ok yes I have been thinking about this, BUT we have to have to wait until Paul and I are ready at the same time, and my body needs time to recoop, as I havent even delivered this one yet!! All this baby stuff is so exciting, and even more exciting when its your own. anyway on to F & L's baby things, lol. love the change of subject huh!?!?
They have the Graco Snug Ride infant car seat and carrier. Also the awesome Graco Quattro Tour stroller.
I asseblemed everything so they will be ready when they arrive in TX for baby. here is the Graco Sungride with one of the girls dolls in it.and the Graco Quattro stroller ( I suugested this as they will have a bit of traveling in airports to do) I love this stroller.put them together and this is what you get.. oh so comfy. I want to ride IN one too! close the shade for some shut eye!there is also a sippered peep hole if you don't want to open shade to sneak a peek, lol.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

35 weeks - just a pic

just a pic. I was on the run and snapped this as I was walking out the door.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

3D 4D ultrasound & update 33wks 6 days

Still no baby name!!

My IPs are in town today and tomorrow. They went with me to an OB apt this morn and asked a few questions they had. We also got a date for tentative delivery AUG 26th!!
Everything looks great, weight gain is fine, blood pressure great, and baby is head down! The ultrasound tech said he probably weights around 5lbs 10oz, and looking at maybe weighing 7lbs 10oz when he is born.

next stop was to the 3D 4D ultrasound place. We had a 15 min video made, and got some ok face shots, way better than surro babe #1 !!! and theres no doubt he is a BOY!
I picked a few shots from the session, plus working on loading parts of the video to youtube. I first have to put shorter videos on my camera then load that way. check back for that though.
My IPs have also decided to bank the baby's cord blood and I have the collection kit when delivery time comes. What a neat idea!.......

can you see his face? the 2D version of the ultrasound is on the left. his lips are open a bit, and in front of his left eye is the placenta, hes snuggled into it a little.
These are his.... well you can see.. his "boy bits" lol!! when we saw this I started laughing, and they started to jiggle on the screen!!!! He was having such a good time sucking on his hand and wrist he didn't move his hands from in front of his mouth much. but we got a good pic of his lips here for a sec.
Another face shot, hand/ arm at his chin, placenta on right side of picture.And this is what youd see if you were looking down on him from the top of his head. His eyes are at the top of the pic, and this is a good shot of his hands and arms. His hand is in his mouth!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Under 50 days till due date!

I just noticed today that we are under 50 days until my due date (33 weeks 1 day today)
I am thinking I may go in for an early induction, maybe around the end of August, sometime after the 25th. I will be 38 and 4days on Aug 25, and my OB will not induce anytime before that. My body also has to be showing signs it is ready for labor. I will also try other methods of natural induction, walking, stretching, sex etc.
this baby is moving so much, I feel as sometimes he is doing somersaults.
My IPs are coming into town for a quick visit 23rd and 24th, my next apt is Thursday 23rd at 10am, we will have an ultrasound to check baby's position. My IPs also scheduled a 3D 4D ultrasound for after the Dr visit, YAY, I am soo excited, and will share pics if they let me :)

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

32 weeks belly pics

I was bored and wanted to take some updated pics. I feel like I am getting bigger by the day. 31 weeks 5 days, calling it 32 weeks :)

Monday, July 6, 2009

Video update - 31 weeks

I added a new update video to my youtube account. basically me talking about the baby, and talking about the pregnancy, surrogacy, and blah blah blah lots of other stuff.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

30 weeks!

so I am feeling more and more twisting and turning from baby, and can usually distinguish the body parts that happen to be poking, pushing and kicking me, lol. I have been trying to get some of the movements I can see and feel from the outside captured on video, but he must be a little camera shy, or I'm just not quick enough! I did get a little something a day or so ago. See if you can tell what I am talking about, 3 different big movements. ( I say "whoa" after each time) :)

And a pic from early June 27 weeks... in a swimsuit... lol, I just look fat!! oh well, I had a blast.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

29 week Belly PICs

yes , I have brought all of my posts here :) yay
29weeks and 2 days- the girls said "what are you doin, mommy?" I told them taking belly pics, and they wanted in on the action

Saturday, May 16, 2009

24 weeks Belly pics, new hair cut

24wks 1 day - yes I got a new haircut, on May 5th I donated 12 + inches to Locks of Love!
24 weeks pregnant
22wks 4 days PLUS me at 8 weeks pregnant (for hair comparison)

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

so late. ultrasound pictures

I also have a OB apt tomorrow. here are the pics from the ultrasound, sorry so long to post, been super busy!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Happy Earth day.. Had my "BIG" ultrasound 20 wks 5 days

Had my big ultrasound today. it showed baby measurements are great, baby looks great, moving around alot. The ultrasound also show that for the first time I am carrying a BOY!! yeppers, there is a weenie betweenie those leggies!!
I have to post the 2 pics they gave me, they will come soon, been pretty busy around here. I did get a new belly pic last night almost 21 weeks!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Victoria update... SHES ONE!!!!!

I hadn't had an update in awhile, then L contacted me via email with a new pic!!!
She is ONE ALREADY!! wow that was FAST.. Isnt she CUTE.. this is why I do what I do!

Monday, March 23, 2009

16 weeks 3 days - OB apt nucal results

OB apt today, lost 2 lbs, that's ok since I HAVE been eating.
Baby's heart rate is around 150bpm. Results of nucal scan are normal woohoo.
I set up the apt for the BIG ultrasound, which is on April 22nd 10am!
ALSO, I took a gender test the other day, which is called Intelligender, which is a gender test that use FMU to see if you are having a boy or girl.. probably not accurate as some would like?? but still fun.
Just as I am thinking...
if this is true, this will be the first male child I have given birth to, so far it has been 3 girls (2 my own, 1 for R&L)
Also sharing a "belly pic" which I already have too much belly, lol.
16 weeks on Friday March 20th

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Nucal scan today 12 week 5 days

I had the nucal scan today. everything went great, we will have the results from the doctor within 2 weeks.
I brought my camera to video, but they wouldn't let me record anything. they did get pictures for me burned to a CD I guess I should be thankful for that?!
the US tech didnt even try to look in "that" region, like ~some~ do.. this early gender determination would be hard, but some have done it. oh well I guess we are waiting until 20 weeks to know whether to call it a him or a her... not just him/her, lol.
there was lots of bouncing around the tech had a hard time getting the right profile pic. it was kinda funny, baby would be sitting just right, then flip, then tech would move the US thingy, then baby would flip right back where he/she needed to be just a min before. playing tricks already, uh oh I hope you are ready F & L for what this little one has in store for you, lol!!
let me tell you how "smart" I am... I installed a new faucet in my girls bathroom.. by myself. yes, I am Mrs Fix It, even when I a pregnant, probably esp when pregnant. Well, the cabinet hole is tiny, like for anyone to fit in, esp with my chest lol.. I could hardly get in enough to see what I was doing. So I wake up with a huge pain in my neck shoulder area.. I couldn't think why. Well my friend N says, well you installed that faucet yesterday. how could I have forgotten that. DUH thats where my pain is from. Gosh I should have know better with my neck pain history. anyway..
the only crown to rum profile pic she added to the CD
the best close up profile of face
can you see the face.. I can

Thursday, February 12, 2009

10 weeks 6 days.. i am calling this one 11 weeks, lol

"Skipping ahead" again. not 11 weeks on the dot, but close enough.
the little one was bouncing around this ultrasound, looking oh so adorable.
doing GREAT. trying not to get too tired.
I also have used the doppler again. little one giving me a scare for a bit. I was looking in all the wrong places for his/her heartbeat!
I think the SCH is still there, but now very very tiny. I had minimal brown spotting which is from the SCH.
I am scheduled to have the 1st trimester screening (nucal scan for downs syndrome early diagnosis) done Feb 25th, memorial hermann sugar land
see cute cute video

Thursday, February 5, 2009

9 weeks 6 days .. I'll call it 10 weeks OB apt w ultrasound

I was scheduled to go into the RE tomorrow, but at the last min they told CT fertility that they don't do ultrasounds past 8 weeks. which is weird because they let me make the apt for the 10 week ultrasound at the 8 week apt.
I was scheduled to go into the OB anyway, so we did end up getting an ultrasound at 10 weeks like the RE in CT wanted.
baby looked great, he/she looked as if they were sleeping. not jumping around this ultrasound.
great fetal tones, and little arms and legs showing and everything.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

I used the fetal doppler for the 1st time this pregnancy

I got out the doppler I bought last year and plugged it in to charge. When it had charged enough I took it off to see if I could hear the baby's heartbeat. After laying for about 2 minutes I found it!!! how crazy.
I didnt get to try it last time until 10 weeks and some odd days. and today at 9 weeks 2 days I heard it.
it is very faint, even with the volume turned all the way up on the thing. I am going to try and record it later on video!!
just wanted to share the awesome news!
ok I look silly but here is the video.. finally

Friday, January 30, 2009

OB apt 9 weeks with Ultrasound...

I had my 9 week check up at the OB today. Waited FOREVER in the waiting room to get called back to the ultrasound room.
I had my LAST trans vaginal ultrasound, thank goodness. Veronica went with me, and she was pretty well behaved, even being we were there it felt like forever.
The baby is looking great, measuring right on the mark. had a heartbeat of 158, which Dr said is great.
We talked about the delivering hospitals, and that the hospital I need to deliver at, per insurance, he does in deed deliver at. This is the newest hospital in the area, opened in 2006 I believe, and heard it is VERY nice. I hope to tour it soon.

Friday, January 23, 2009

8 weeks ultrasound at RE

Ultrasound shower the SCH no longer has a "clotty" look to it. RE said it looked like it was resolving slowly. CT DR Doyle's nurse Sharron also said I can slowly resume normal activities yay!.
baby is even moving a little, heartbeat looks beautiful and growing wonderful!


Thursday, January 15, 2009

OB apt 6 wks 7 days

had OB apt today. SCH still there. no new bleeding or blood though. on bedrest still.
This is a new OB I picked because he delivers at the newer hospital, or so I thought. I discovered he had recently dropped his privledges at the hospital I wanted to deliver at.
good news is I found out that my "old" OB now delivers at the hospital I want! now going back to see him.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Ultrasound because of bleeding - 6wks 3days

I was sent to an ultrasound today due to some bleeding I had yesterday. The ultrasound showed Lone Ranger to be fine, and even bigger just 3 days after the first ultrasound.
The ultrasound also revealed a subchorionic hemorrhage, where the bleeding had come from.
I am now on bedrest, and hoping the SCH will absorb and go away soon. The RE also said that it might bleed again, or that it might not. They can't tell you for sure , and I asked, and they said the cause of the SCHs are unknown, and usually the PG turns out well. but there is a *slight* increase risk of MC, which I am praying doesnt happen.
I have an OB apt Thurs at noon, then another RE apt next friday the 23rd at 8 weeks pregnant.



and a pic

Sunday, January 11, 2009

cramping and bleeding

I started having some cramping and bright red bleeding today around 2:30pm. It was enough to soak a panty liner, and only lasted about 30 min, but this is still scary. called RE and nurse said the baby could be fine, and they have alot of girls who have bleeding and go on to deliver happy healthy babies..

Friday, January 9, 2009

First Ultrasound results ! **

well I am late posting this (even though the date is saying the 9th) It is the 14th and I am posting like this to keep things in order..
anyway, if you hadnt seen already. I had my first ultrasound. I took video just like I did last journey.
there was one baby, and a small sac next to the one baby. The RE said it *could* have been a twin, but there was only one heartbeat that she saw at this time, one healthy baby. well call "The Lone Ranger/ette"
the video-

and a picture

Saturday, January 3, 2009

BETA numero 3 unofficial #4

MY # 18dp3dt (21dpo) 2532

Beta Scores for Successful* Twin Pregnancies

Days Past Ovulation

Median HCG Level
Lowest HCG Level Reported

Highest HCG Level Reported
Number of women reporting a number for this day

Beta Scores for Successful* Single Pregnancies

Days Past Ovulation

Median HCG Level
Lowest HCG Level Reported

Highest HCG Level Reported
Number of women reporting a number for this day