Friday, June 27, 2008

Matched AGAIN....

yep you read correct. I have matched again.
The first journey went so fast, I am on to help another couple.
I officially matched Last Friday, July 20th, after Paul and I had a 1 hour conference call with the couple and the agency's IP coordinator.
This time they are from the states, Pennsylvania to be exact. R & M have no children and we have chosen each other to move forward in this whole journey/process called surrogacy.
We are still in the very early stages of this whole process, and are playing the waiting game, hopeful we can stay patient through the tick tock of the clock.
Paul and I will be flying to Pennsylvania for a marathon day of screening at R & M's clinic in Philadelphia (Penn Fertility) in the near future Once the clinic has okayed my medical records we will have that date set up.
other things happening here in the house of Vs.. Veronica has been potty trained for a month now!!(accidents are minimal!!) .. :) FINALLY, at 3 1/2 years old.. ahh what a relief.
lots of Play-Doh and Coloring in coloring books..
here is a cute pic I took of the girls today!
oh and hallelujah we got a new wireless router.. our Linksys was CRAP.. hopefully our new Netgear will be AWESOME.. so far it is!!! it even looks 100xs cooler than the linksys!

Monday, June 9, 2008

Whats going on now?

Well I guess a lot is going on.
well except I don't have any baby Victoria update news as of yet. I just emailed my FIPs (former IPs) and asked for an update, and some pictures. I don't know how that will go over, I sent them an email May 8th, and didn't get a reply.
Little miss Victoria Turned 2 months old yesterday.
. Am I doing another surrogacy....?
As soon as I had Victoria I knew I wanted to be a surrogate again for another family. I even knew during the whole pregnancy, and even before that I would probably want to carry for more than one set of IPs.
Now here I am looking at doing another journey. I posted an ad up on SMO for an independent search for IPs, and but also let my former agency Circle Surrogacy know that I would like to do another journey with them, and if I didn't find a match before the 3 months when agencies will start to match you after a delivery, then I would work with them again.
So far I have had no matches independently, but came close a couple of times, but no go on those. I did put an app with Melissa B. lawyer/agency and they thought they had a match, but I am not comfortable with selective reduction "just because”, so no match there. I don’t think I’ll be working with them, a little too business like, and I haven’t heard great things about them. My thinking is if you REALLY don't want twins or more, then don't put back more than 1 embryo at a time. If you are having to have a surrogate, and go through IVF then you should be happy with whatever you get. But hey I am not knocking anybody for thinking differently than that, because to each his own, and I stand by that. My opinions are only that.... my opinions.
So far I have my profile all set up, fees updated and me and Paul agree on all of that which is awesome, he is finally putting some thought into this along with me. I guess I am just waiting on the perfect couple to see my profile.
Oh and yes I am working with Circle Surrogacy again, I just had really good experience with them my first journey, and I would like another good experience with them.. Oh and if YOU decide to work with them, Tell them I sent you! :)
I know it isnt that far in-between pregnancies, but I really enjoy being pregnant esp helping others add to their own families when they can’t do it all themselves.
Hope to be adding more updates on that, soon!
oh and great news about Veronica my 3 1/2 yr old.. She is FINALLY potty training! woohoo!
I thought shed be in diapers forever, lol, not really, but I was getting so tired of no interest in the potty. I just said one day to her, "no more diapers", and really it has been great since. She has had a couple of accidents, and wears a pull up at bedtime and nap time. But for only been at this for about 2 weeks, it is going great.
~Amanda V.
Here is our families most recent pic. I just got a new mini tripod and was testing it out!