Friday, August 15, 2008

I forgot to show off our new kitten..

We don't have a name for her yet (any suggestions?), and we arnt even 100% shes a girl either. But were are pretty sure..
We adopted this kitty August 4th. We got her from one of Paul's friends. The momma had had these kittens June 6th, and now the friend needed to have the kittens addopted out as they had too many cats already. These cats were not even officially hers, I guess you can consider them the neighborhood stray, that decided that they were going to live at B's house and so they did, and B and her family sorta adopted them by feeding them..
anyway she is really good with the girls, the girls are ok with her, they need to be alittle more gentile. and Merlin our boxer just wants to play with the kitten, haha.
here she is.. all gray..
with Valerie of course

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