Friday, April 4, 2008

Dr visit today

well I went to the new Dr again today. quick visit. he just checked my cervix for dilation and then we talked about delivery and induction.
he said I was about 2cm dilated, and cervix wasnt too effaced (shortened).
He said he really didn't want to induce since that would increase the likely hood of us needing a c-section, plus the only window next week would be Wednesday the 9th, he wants me to page him on that day and tell him how things are feeling to me. basically If I still haven't had the baby on my own by my due date of April 13th, then we will induce that next week, 14th -17th
if that happens it will be the longest pregnancy I've ever had.
I have this feeling though that I will be delivering on the 9th. I'll be praying for labor for sure.

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