Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Looking for ways to turn baby..

I've been looking for ways to get this baby to turn and be the right way..
I have come across a few things that I could try.
1 being accupunture related, something called Moxibustion
2 trying a chiropractor, and getting one whos knows the webster technique
and a bunch of other things basically saying to elevate my bum, and put myself more or less, upside down so maybe baby will turn.
I have a friend who went to American College of Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine (ACAOM), and graduated about a yr ago.
She moved to Dallas, but I asked her about getting a treatment somewhere here local in Houston.
She recomended going to the school's clinic.
I made an apt with one of the OB accu specialists. I didn't know for sure if she could help. I did some research online about Moxibustion, which is without the needles but with burning moxi near the accu point near the pinkie toe. sometimes used with needles I read. I had the apt today at 1:30.
the intern came in and asked a bunch of questions, she was very nice. She told me she was pregnant as well, 17weeks and just found out she was having her 2nd little boy. how neat. She went to get the Acupunture Dr to see what treatment would be best. As soon as she walked in the room, she said "wow you are due" and started to explain to me how the baby was too big, and how there wasnt much fluid for her to a turn with the treatment. She had me lay on the table anyway, and felt around on my belly. She could feel the baby's head, and she commented on how big she was since I was 36 weeks 2days already. she said if I came in sooner maybe around 32 weeks the treament would be more likely to work.
I would have come in sooner but the thing is I hadnt had an U/S since 20 wks (22-23weeks at the 3D ultrasound!!) I had no idea she was head up.
I still have my ob apt tomorrow for my 1 wk checkup and another U/S.
After that apt with a local chiroprator to get the Webster technique done.
I found him and another lady through an online site with a list of registered chiropractors with the knowlegde to do the webster technique.

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