Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Another breechling baby update.... 36wks 3days

I knew going into the apt today that she was still breech. I told the U/S Tech that I knew she was breech still, but if she didnt believe me she could look for herself, lol.
Well during the US I asked a couple of questions. I found out she is Frank Breech with her feet by her face, she is facing towards my back during the ultrasound.
When the Dr came in, He still suggested she could turn although he doubted she would on her own. He did say we should talk about the external version, and scheduled another apt for monday to maybe schedule one.
I pressed the issue of delivery breech vaginal. we talked back a forth. He said most Drs dont deliver vaginally and would be almost impossible to find a dr to deliver me. I kept pressing it, since this baby is frank, and I have 2 uncomplicated vaginal deliveries with little pushing. I looked up breech deliveries online and discovered I fit into the ideal vaginal delivery canidate.
He finally thought of a dr he could recomend me to. He became optimistic when he remembered the dr. He had actually trained my Dr and delivered some breech while he was learning.
He called that Dr to see if he still delivered breech, and he said he did. My dr said if there is a good canidate for breech vaginal, that I was it.
The "new" dr said he can see me friday between 8-12. He is sill going to talk version as well, and I know I could still end up with a c-sec, I just don't feel right rolling over and just having one just "because". (if I went into labor tonight I would have a c-sec though since I havent seen new dr)
MY IPs seem optimistic as well since finding out baby is frank breech.
this does mean I will me changing my delivery hospital, and I'll need to find out what to do with all our paperwork. Gotta do what we gotta do.
hope I didnt leave anything out..
oh wait.. I did have a Webster technique session at a chiropractor today. totally weird since I have never been to one. It was very nice to lye on my belly, the table had a fold down part where my belly could go, lol.
No movement from baby during or right after procedure, I think she was just tired and sleeping. She had been up and very active just before the O/B visit. The adjustment was nice though, and I may go back again.
..ok there I think thats the end from today.

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