Monday, April 1, 2013

Taking a break

I still check my blog from time to time when I get new comments or questions. I have just been taking a break from surrogacy and being a mom to my own kiddos. If you read my family blog you'll see that I now have 4 kiddos of my own, bring my delivery count to 6 including the surrogate babies. Life is very busy, and while I am not currently looking to do another surrogacy, I believe that one day I will be a surrogate again, and least one last time.
Update on my surrobabies-
Victoria is turning 5 on April 8th 2013! What a big day! I don't hear much from their family, but that is okay with me, as I bet they are very busy with their family of 4!
Lil Lone Ranger is 3 1/2 and turning 4 in August 2013. I hear lots from their family, and see lots of pictures. They are doing amazing, and they even have a 2nd surro baby delivered by another surrogate, so lil lone ranger is a big brother!
Thats about it, thanks for reading.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Happy 1st Birthday !!

Happy 1st birthday to my second surro baby "Little Lone Ranger"!
I don't have any 1yr pics, but I hope to share a new one soon. Check back soon
If you are wondering about my current pregnancy (all mine, lol) then you can check out my Family blog over HERE

Monday, April 26, 2010

I'm pregnant again...... this time its OURS!!!

after having 2 babies for 2 other couples, I forgot what it was like to carry my own child.
This lil one is a surprise for us, and we are slowly becoming more and more excited for our family to grow by one more.
based on LMP my due date is December 7th 2010.
we don't know which way we are routing, team pink or team blue, I have no idea and no guesses!
This go around hoping will be very different from the 4 I had in the hospitals, I plan to have my whole pregnancy monitored by a local midwife, and ultimately deliver here at home! :)

Thursday, January 28, 2010

"The Lone Ranger" 5 mo old today

wow these 5 months have really flown. he is getting so big. he is such a super cutie! I am so thankful, happy and excited that his poppas keep me updated with pictures and such!

4 months old

Just wanted to post picture updates for my surro bub #2 "little lone ranger", what a cutie. he may have broken the girl "curse" lol

3 mo old

"little lone ranger" at 3 mo

the big 2 months

"little lone ranger" is 2 mo old here