Friday, March 14, 2008

Ultrasound says shes BREECH!! wow

well this is something I didnt even think about..
I went in for my appt, at 35wks 5days, and the ultrasound tech informs me baby is in the breech position.
I have another apt wed to check her position again.. maybe she will turn??? maybe not.. :(
Dr is giving 3 things that could happen.
1. hope she turns on her own.
2. c-section
3. try an external version ( where they manually try and turn the baby from the outside on my belly)
poo poo!! I do not want a c-section, for me or this baby
and I just got over worrying about my 3hr glucose! (which I passed flying colors thank god) Plus the Strep b test was negative, woo hoo.
now this.. I know everything will be fine. but I cant help but just be down about this finding.

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