Friday, March 21, 2008

Vaginal all they way.. .. yay - 36 wks 5days

Well I went to see the new doctor at the new hospital today. His name is Dr. Yaomans.
After almost getting the run around at the hospital since he said I didn’t need an appt, I thought I saw him in the hall, and stopped him. It was him!! I had looked up his bio online and saw his picture. I was so surprised that he just happened to walk by, and I thought to say something. I have no idea how long I would have waited if I wouldn’t have seen him, and I let those ladies give me the runaround. We didn’t even know if he would be able to deliver me, or I’d be switching to him for sure yet.
He took us in his office, and we talked for a short bit. He explained his experience delivering breech vaginally. He also said that baby and I had to meet certain criteria to be a good candidate for vaginal breech and for him to deliver me. He also said that if we didn’t meet the requirements that he would suggest I go back to my other Dr and have a c-sec. I would feel a lot better if this man suggested I have a c-section, than my regular Dr just flat out saying to have one.
We had an ultrasound to check the babies weight, and position. To be eligible to vaginal delivery, she has to be between 6 - 8.5 lbs ( she measured 6lb 2oz by this U/S machine), not be looking up which they call “star gazing” ( she has her head looking down, chin tucked in). Also the best breech position for baby to be in is Frank Breech, which the legs are extended and the feet are in front of the face (which is what she is). The baby met all her requirements. Dr also had to do a pelvic exam on me to see how my bones “down there” are, and if there is adequate room for this delivery. I met my requirements as well (lots of room to move a big baby if needed, lol), and we are on the road to a vaginal delivery again! He also said my cervix is softening, and I am already dilated to 2cm.
He did bring up the External Version to turn the baby, but he said he wouldnt say try it, since it is painful and not 100% effective, only about 50% and thats only Drs. that are good at the procedure, he said about 20% effective for the others. He said he usually tries them for 5 min, with no type of anesthesia. He said baby is such a good canidate for delviery in her position, that well just skip it, and I agree.
I will not be having this baby before April 6th if she doesn’t come on her own. Dr Yaomans wants spontaneous labor, but he will consider induction after 39 weeks which is after the 6th.
This new hospital is LBJ Hospital about 45 min away from me, but totally worth the drive for this Dr. it is also not a private hospital, but a county learning hospital. both small sacrifices to try for our vaginal delivery!
-- oh I forgot to add that my feet are getting sooo swollen lately.. ugh they hurt and they look freaky! I pressed my finger into the side of my ankle and the indent lasted for several minutes.. time to put my feet up. LOL.. I need to share a pic.. keep an eye out for that :P

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