Sunday, March 30, 2008

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Another attemp at the 3D ultrasound place

Well I went in for another peek at this little one, now at 37 weeks 3 days.
of course she is being miss prissy, and hiding herself again. We did not get any really good shots of her face, AGAIN. Hope this girls parents know what they are in for with this little one!
we did get some pics.. really good ones of her right foot, which she is hiding behind, lol.
to see ALL the pics.. click link to see the whole slideshow..

leg and hidden face
hidden side view
and ok pic of her face

Friday, March 21, 2008

The swelling continues

Here at 37 weeks.. The swelling continues.. and is starting to freak me out.

Woah, check this out..
and one more for the road.. lol

Vaginal all they way.. .. yay - 36 wks 5days

Well I went to see the new doctor at the new hospital today. His name is Dr. Yaomans.
After almost getting the run around at the hospital since he said I didn’t need an appt, I thought I saw him in the hall, and stopped him. It was him!! I had looked up his bio online and saw his picture. I was so surprised that he just happened to walk by, and I thought to say something. I have no idea how long I would have waited if I wouldn’t have seen him, and I let those ladies give me the runaround. We didn’t even know if he would be able to deliver me, or I’d be switching to him for sure yet.
He took us in his office, and we talked for a short bit. He explained his experience delivering breech vaginally. He also said that baby and I had to meet certain criteria to be a good candidate for vaginal breech and for him to deliver me. He also said that if we didn’t meet the requirements that he would suggest I go back to my other Dr and have a c-sec. I would feel a lot better if this man suggested I have a c-section, than my regular Dr just flat out saying to have one.
We had an ultrasound to check the babies weight, and position. To be eligible to vaginal delivery, she has to be between 6 - 8.5 lbs ( she measured 6lb 2oz by this U/S machine), not be looking up which they call “star gazing” ( she has her head looking down, chin tucked in). Also the best breech position for baby to be in is Frank Breech, which the legs are extended and the feet are in front of the face (which is what she is). The baby met all her requirements. Dr also had to do a pelvic exam on me to see how my bones “down there” are, and if there is adequate room for this delivery. I met my requirements as well (lots of room to move a big baby if needed, lol), and we are on the road to a vaginal delivery again! He also said my cervix is softening, and I am already dilated to 2cm.
He did bring up the External Version to turn the baby, but he said he wouldnt say try it, since it is painful and not 100% effective, only about 50% and thats only Drs. that are good at the procedure, he said about 20% effective for the others. He said he usually tries them for 5 min, with no type of anesthesia. He said baby is such a good canidate for delviery in her position, that well just skip it, and I agree.
I will not be having this baby before April 6th if she doesn’t come on her own. Dr Yaomans wants spontaneous labor, but he will consider induction after 39 weeks which is after the 6th.
This new hospital is LBJ Hospital about 45 min away from me, but totally worth the drive for this Dr. it is also not a private hospital, but a county learning hospital. both small sacrifices to try for our vaginal delivery!
-- oh I forgot to add that my feet are getting sooo swollen lately.. ugh they hurt and they look freaky! I pressed my finger into the side of my ankle and the indent lasted for several minutes.. time to put my feet up. LOL.. I need to share a pic.. keep an eye out for that :P

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Another breechling baby update.... 36wks 3days

I knew going into the apt today that she was still breech. I told the U/S Tech that I knew she was breech still, but if she didnt believe me she could look for herself, lol.
Well during the US I asked a couple of questions. I found out she is Frank Breech with her feet by her face, she is facing towards my back during the ultrasound.
When the Dr came in, He still suggested she could turn although he doubted she would on her own. He did say we should talk about the external version, and scheduled another apt for monday to maybe schedule one.
I pressed the issue of delivery breech vaginal. we talked back a forth. He said most Drs dont deliver vaginally and would be almost impossible to find a dr to deliver me. I kept pressing it, since this baby is frank, and I have 2 uncomplicated vaginal deliveries with little pushing. I looked up breech deliveries online and discovered I fit into the ideal vaginal delivery canidate.
He finally thought of a dr he could recomend me to. He became optimistic when he remembered the dr. He had actually trained my Dr and delivered some breech while he was learning.
He called that Dr to see if he still delivered breech, and he said he did. My dr said if there is a good canidate for breech vaginal, that I was it.
The "new" dr said he can see me friday between 8-12. He is sill going to talk version as well, and I know I could still end up with a c-sec, I just don't feel right rolling over and just having one just "because". (if I went into labor tonight I would have a c-sec though since I havent seen new dr)
MY IPs seem optimistic as well since finding out baby is frank breech.
this does mean I will me changing my delivery hospital, and I'll need to find out what to do with all our paperwork. Gotta do what we gotta do.
hope I didnt leave anything out..
oh wait.. I did have a Webster technique session at a chiropractor today. totally weird since I have never been to one. It was very nice to lye on my belly, the table had a fold down part where my belly could go, lol.
No movement from baby during or right after procedure, I think she was just tired and sleeping. She had been up and very active just before the O/B visit. The adjustment was nice though, and I may go back again.
..ok there I think thats the end from today.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Looking for ways to turn baby..

I've been looking for ways to get this baby to turn and be the right way..
I have come across a few things that I could try.
1 being accupunture related, something called Moxibustion
2 trying a chiropractor, and getting one whos knows the webster technique
and a bunch of other things basically saying to elevate my bum, and put myself more or less, upside down so maybe baby will turn.
I have a friend who went to American College of Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine (ACAOM), and graduated about a yr ago.
She moved to Dallas, but I asked her about getting a treatment somewhere here local in Houston.
She recomended going to the school's clinic.
I made an apt with one of the OB accu specialists. I didn't know for sure if she could help. I did some research online about Moxibustion, which is without the needles but with burning moxi near the accu point near the pinkie toe. sometimes used with needles I read. I had the apt today at 1:30.
the intern came in and asked a bunch of questions, she was very nice. She told me she was pregnant as well, 17weeks and just found out she was having her 2nd little boy. how neat. She went to get the Acupunture Dr to see what treatment would be best. As soon as she walked in the room, she said "wow you are due" and started to explain to me how the baby was too big, and how there wasnt much fluid for her to a turn with the treatment. She had me lay on the table anyway, and felt around on my belly. She could feel the baby's head, and she commented on how big she was since I was 36 weeks 2days already. she said if I came in sooner maybe around 32 weeks the treament would be more likely to work.
I would have come in sooner but the thing is I hadnt had an U/S since 20 wks (22-23weeks at the 3D ultrasound!!) I had no idea she was head up.
I still have my ob apt tomorrow for my 1 wk checkup and another U/S.
After that apt with a local chiroprator to get the Webster technique done.
I found him and another lady through an online site with a list of registered chiropractors with the knowlegde to do the webster technique.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

So the swelling has begun..

This is the swelling that has started now at 36 weeks.
Notice the indents on my ankles from the socks!!
Never really had any swelling when pregnant with my own girls.

Friday, March 14, 2008

Ultrasound says shes BREECH!! wow

well this is something I didnt even think about..
I went in for my appt, at 35wks 5days, and the ultrasound tech informs me baby is in the breech position.
I have another apt wed to check her position again.. maybe she will turn??? maybe not.. :(
Dr is giving 3 things that could happen.
1. hope she turns on her own.
2. c-section
3. try an external version ( where they manually try and turn the baby from the outside on my belly)
poo poo!! I do not want a c-section, for me or this baby
and I just got over worrying about my 3hr glucose! (which I passed flying colors thank god) Plus the Strep b test was negative, woo hoo.
now this.. I know everything will be fine. but I cant help but just be down about this finding.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Am I really 35 weeks...

Time is FLYING :)
some updates-
I have passed my 3 hour glucose test with flying colors, thank God!
weight gain is good, and blood pressure is fine.
Looking like an April 9th delivery. I have school I have to work around lol.
I will be 39 weeks 3 days on that day.
35 weeks pics-