Saturday, December 27, 2008

all the test now say +, or PREGNANT

I had my 1st and 2nd betas done. the first not being the "official" 1st, as it was done Dec 22 which was 7dp3dt (7days past 3 day transfer, also 10 days past Egg Retrieval) the Beta came back at a 9, which anything over 5 is positive for pregnancy. but being it was so early, the clinic wasn't counting that beta as official since the 1st one was originally gonna be the 26th, which now is beta # 2, and came back at 81, which is a good number, doubling time of 1.26 days and they want doubling between 48-72 hours (2-3 days)
3rd beta is on Monday and should have at LEAST doubled to indicate a viable pregnancy.
then another beta on Friday, if Monday's goes normal, and the the BIG ultrasound on the friday after that, January 9th 2009..
the digital.. which only would come out readable like this. hahaha
and then LINED tests! early ones

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