Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Results from atp on 11/24

had a lining check and hormone blood check on Tuesday, these are my results.
lining was 11.1mm (they like to see a number over 7)
estradiol is 1019 (they like to see a number over 250)
progesterone is 0.6 (they like to see a number <2). Everything looks good.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

supression ultrasound

Had an appointment with the local RE. made sure my blood hormone levels were ok, and that the lupron had my ovaries suppressed..
everything went GREAT... still on track for Dec 11- 17 transfer.
on another note, we are to be in the NY area those dates, and the same month 2 other of my online friends are going to be there.. but all DIFFERENT weekends!! arg. too bad we couldn't meet up there.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Did I really start another IVF cycle - Lupron injectables

well I gave myself the first of many injections on the road now to another IVF cycle. It felt just like another "thing" to do. Like "ok time to take my lupron now" lol. its part of me now haha.
The Progesterone is what I am not looking forward to. the shots don't really hurt (unless you hit a tender part of your bum) its the knots and bumps the meds leave behind. oh well, it ends up going away in the end so no biggie..
I am also still taking the BCP, and I have added in the prenatals. next I think is the estrogen.
oh yeah, don't forget to check out my savings blog.. lol