Friday, March 30, 2007

moving forward, local testing PLUS - MMPI-2 results

I got an email today from Nancy who is going to be my coordinator now that I am matched with  R and L. She said R & L are working with Connecticut Fertility, and they will go there for thier testing, and that is where the embryo transfers will take place. I will not be going there for any testing, I will have that done locally. Nancy is setting up screening, and monitoring to be done by Cooper Institute for Advanced Fertility. I looked them up online and they seem to have an office in the Sugar Land area, which would be great for me, but Houston would be ok too. She also said she faxed my MMPI-2 results to CT Fertility, and tells me “by the way, your sane”. Lol how funny! I “passed” the MMPI-2, yeah!!
CT Fertility will contact me regarding pre screening requirements, medications and when the actual cycle is ready to take place they will fax the monitoring clinic (Cooper Institute) orders for my tests.
Sounds exciting, I can’t wait.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

MMPI-2 - psychiatric screening

The MMPI-2 short for the  Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory-2, It is required by a lot of surrogacy agencies, and REs (Reproductive Endocrinologist) for a surrogate to take and "pass" the test.
the general PURPOSE of the MMPI is-
The results of the MMPI-2 allow the test administrator to make inferences about the client's typical behaviors and way of thinking. The test outcomes help the examiner to determine the test taker's severity of impairment, outlook on life, approaches to problem solving, typical mood states, likely diagnoses, and potential problems in treatment. The MMPI-2 is used in a wide range of settings for a variety of procedures. The inventory is often used as part of inpatient psychiatric assessments, differential diagnosis, and outpatient evaluations. In addition, the instrument is often used by expert witnesses in forensic settings as part of an evaluation of a defendant's mental health, particularly in criminal cases. The MMPI has also been used to evaluate candidates for employment in some fields, and in educational counseling.

I got The MMPI in the mail Monday afternoon. There are 567 true false questions, for anyone who doesn't know. It is a long, and boring test, with lots of repetitive questions. I only got to sit down for mabey 30 minutes to start taking the test, before I had to go to sleep. I had to be up early the next morning for work.
Tuesday I got about the same amount of time in to work on the test.
Wednesday (Today) rolls around and during the girls long afternoon nap, I finished the test and Emailed it in to Rachel.
She emailed me back saying I should get the results in about a week. I don't plan on emailing and bugging them for the results before a week, even though I will be impatient waiting on them lol!

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Finished my "sign" book :p

This book is really cute, mabey the chick lit is my thing now. This is too funny. I am a member of a book club, yet I have not read any of the books they are reading yet. I guess I like reading this which have some relativity to what I am going through, or things which I am interested in.
I finished the book today, and Emma, who is a makeup artist does make up for Amanda, which is my name.. weird sign haha.
well Emma tries everything to get pregnant. The things she tries and goes through is funny and sad at the same time. She tries natuarlly for a year,  fertility drugs for about 7 months, and even a round of IVF. She considers Surrogacy but  quote- " What about surrogacy?  No, I didn't want another woman giving birth to my egg, and James's sperm. It'd be like he'd had sex with her or something. Besides the surrogacy women you see on TV were rough as old boots and the thought of having to hold some dodgy bird's hand while she pushed my baby out was way too weird." adoption was her only option in her mind.. in the end she ended up adopting.. what a cute stroy though!!

Friday, March 16, 2007

Reading a new book - signs from god, lol

I don't know how I feel about "signs" from god. But I do know how Ironic the things in this book are, to the local, a name, and ethnicity of my present IPs in my surrogacy journey.

So I go to the chick lit secion of the bookstore I work in, and grab a few books from the shelves reading tidbits from the summary on the back, nothing too revealing. I settle on a couple titles. When lunch time rolls around I grab the book called The Baby Trail, about a gal whos is trying to concieve a baby. Me being in to the having babies scene, this is my choice to read first. I start into the novel, and get to the main character, a gal named Emma. One page into this book she starts describing herself, and just "happened" to be Irish! so I stop and think out of all the books I grab, and pick to read first I pick the one with an Irish main character. just a little funny to me. So just to see, I check the back page "about the author" , guess what shes Irish, living in Ireland. I had just talked to my IPs about reading, and how L wanted to send me some Irish "chick lit", and I miraculously picked and Irish author a few days after that call. This is getting weirder!
Well I read and read. The story is a very cute one, so I am hooked.  As soon as I get into chapter 2 , Emma describes an ex boyfried, whos name happens to be R, the same name as my IF (intended father). I burst into laughter, as I cannot belive this, even more "signs"!! my luch hour draws to an end and I finished the chapter I was on.

now early into this match, the day I got L & R's profiles, I asked god for a sign that these were the right people for me to help. Well it is the season for Irish celebration St. Patricks day so of course the is lots of green around, but while shopping I saw a shirt rack with the words SALE on top. Very cheap so I knew I could get a couple, and they turn out to be Irish , and st patricks day shirts.. that could be a sign. It took me aback, because as soon as I saw what they were I thought "sign", but I dunno, It was just ironic, and I am noticing these things lol..
just werid and funny to me.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

first contact with IPs L & R - and Children's Museum visit today

I talked L & R for the very first time today at 1 pm our time. They are so very nice, and easy to talk to.
we spent an hour on the phone talking about our jobs, kids, books and travel before having to say goodbye.. they are 6 hours ahead of me (in Ireland), and they have 3 sons, so we both have a very busy home life.
They said they want to get the testing going and want this to get on its way, no waiting. they want another baby now, lol..
quoted from my email from agency about our first contact call
"they are so excited about working with you.  They 
told her you were incredibly sweet and they felt connected to you

I am thrilled to have L & R , as my IPs
(check out my cool bouncy I stole from SMO lol)
I guess this is our lucky time of year.. its the luck of the Irish!!!

heres whats next-
The next steps are that we will be submitting the information today 
for the contract to be drafted. R and L will review it first
and it will then be sent to you and the attorney we'll refer you to
for review. (R and L pay for your legal representation). We
will also let our coordinator (Nancy) know of the match and will send
your profile and records to CT Fertility, where R and L are
working. CT Fertility will contact you and schedule you for a short
phone consult with Dr. Doyle and then he will order your screening.
Nancy will set you up with a clinic local (as close as possible) to
you where you will be able to have your screening and monitoring
completed. I will be sending you out the MMPI exam this week as well
to complete and return to me. I will also be emailing you with the
contact information for the social worker who will be following you
and supporting you through this journey. All of this generally takes
about a month to complete (contracts and screening), so this is a
great time to continue to get to know R and L!!

Once screening is complete, CT Fertility will set the schedule for
the cycle to begin!"

Children's Museum visit-
it is spring break this week so my mom and her kids are off all week. The girls and I got
 invited to go to the childrens museum in downtown Houston. It was real rainy all day,
but we made it from parking into the museum. It was really crowded, and so very loud, but
 all in all we had a good time. We got Icees which I dumped 2 on the ground, ugh. and
Veronica had 1 meltdown before we left. As we were leaving the worst of the rain decided
 to come down , and drown Houston. Mom took off her shoes and ran to get the SUV, and picked
us up in the front. The rain slowed alot, but the streets were still covered in water. We made
it out in ease with the giant Escalade. Girls slept on the way home.

Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Potential Match!!!

I just got an email today from Circle Surrogacy that I already have a potential match!!!
they are a couple in Dublin, Ireland with 3 boys, who can't have any more kids due to a heart condition returning during a pregnancy.
I have pics of thier family, and a little bit about them.. I am so excited. I have to wait to ask Paul what he thinks since hes gonna be my support.
I'll also being praying about it too.
WOW that was fast!!
I just talked to Paul, and he really likes their profile, so I sent Circle the ok to set up a phone call time!!!

Sunday, March 4, 2007

Husband follow up phone call

Circle Surrogacy called to speak to Paul today,  to 0.follow up with him. They want to make sure he if he has any questions, that they will answer them. They also want to make sure hes "on board" with the whole surrogacy thing, and tell him about testing he will have to do , and refraining from sex during certain time during the cycling/transfer part of the cycle.
It went great and he had no questions.. yet, and the call was only about 10 -15 minutes total. alot less than my 1 hour 20 min screening call! but it was ok, I liked talking about it.

Saturday, March 3, 2007

Sunburn.. OUCH!!!

OK I went and helped my sister in-law, today at the softball fields at George Park. I had to pass out fliers and advertise and market the action shots she and 3 other photograpers  were taking of the girls playing softball. it was their opening day so there was lots of excitment and and kids. The wind was blowing hard, and it was kinda chilly, but the sun was shining. I had a good time and signed up alot of parents to see thier childs photos.
      Well here comes the bad part. I didn't remember to put on sunscreen. Even when I got there and noticed the sun, it didn't dawn on me to protect me poor pale skin! So I go home with a burnt face, scalp, and arms. Veronica saw my red face and said "ewww". I told her mommy's face was HOT, so she started to blow on my face as to cool it off, lol.

Friday, March 2, 2007

Finalizing phone application with Circle Surrogacy

I had a 1 hr 15 min phone interview with Circle Surrogacy today. We talked and talked about the whole surrogacy process, like testing, cycling, and matching with IPs (Intended Parents). I am getting so excited about this whole process. I can't belive how much has happened since I first applied. I really like Circle Surrogacy. They have been the nicest, and quickest to respond to my emails, questions, qnd phone calls.
Well seeing as the time just flies, it'll be no time before I am turned into a human pincushion! there are 2 different injections I will have to be taking. one isn't so bad, you can give it relitivly easy. The other I was warned is sometimes difficult to give yourself because you HAVE to inject it into a muscle, eek! I wonder if I can't get my mom to come over and give it to me everyday. I would trust shed be more likely to give it to me correctly seeing as how she was a nurse for a little while. Either way, I'll figure out how to get it.
Paul has a Phone  interview with Circle Surrogacy Sunday at noon. They want to make sure he is on board, and supporitve of the whole surrogacy thing, being he is my main support. He really doesn't have any real questions, but also doesn't know step by step what to expect. He just has a general idea, and thats all he really wants to know right now. If it isnt about cars, hes not very interested in every detail.
I have applied to some other agancies, but with so many mixed reviews, and varried responses to my inquiries, I am sure It'll be Cirlce Surrogacy I'll be matched with, and I am proud.
My friend Michelle came over today to hang out too. The phone interview interuped our shopping trip (sorry chelle) and I didn't find myself any new shoes yet, darn. We also went out to eat at Buffalo wild Wings, for the first time since it was built over here. There wing sauces were very different and also had a lot more flavors and levels of hot to choose from. I got half mild half medium, they were really good, and so were their potato wedges!
ahhh, what a day