Friday, December 28, 2007

24 weeks 5 days.. 25weeks... almost

well almost 25 weeks..
I took these pics tonight. notice the background. we are remodeling our shower and bathroom floor, in our Master Bath. Tomorrow we start the tile.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Christmas from the IPs

So I got a package in yesterday from Dublin Ireland. It contained something for everyone. My IPs sent Paul a U2 CD the Joshua Tree, of course Irish band!
Veronica and Valerie each got a silver bangle (bracelet) with a cute charm. Val a butterfly, and Ronnie a ducky.
My IM picked out the most beautiful necklace for me. She sent it with a note saying -
This is a very special design piece for a very special person! We wish you a happy Christmas, and a happy and successful 2008. Love, L and R.
the piece is called "Heart of Gold" how sweet!

3 videos from the 3D 4D 2D ultrasound - almost 23 weeks

I uploaded 3 separate videos all from the same session/DVD .. I had to record them with my digital camera in segments.. the DVD is 53 min long.. so I uploaded about 4 min total of the 23 wk ultrasound video
they are the 3 newest ones added today.. dont confuse it with the older one taken at 10 weeks, lol..
oh and no sound
as you see her face is pressed right up against the placenta so the 3D 4D images arnt great.. shes too cozy
also in this first video you can see the tech giggleing my belly trying to get the baby to move so we can see her face better in 3D 4D.

more 3D 4D

and just some 2D

Saturday, December 15, 2007

23 weeks belly update - pics

Well I guess I havent had an updated belly pic since 11/23 and that was at 19wks 5days.
I am 22 wks 6days, well a couple hours from being 23 weeks.. so lets just say 23 weeks pregnant. hmm about 5 1/2 mo pregnant.
Oh, and I painted the girls bathroom if you can tell in the background, it matches their "under the sea" theme in there now. their bathroom has the purple shower curtain (which I know doesnt match, but working on that, lol)over the shower/bath combo. (some of the other belly pics are in my bathroom, the one with the stand up shower with glass door etc)
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Friday, December 14, 2007

Seeing Santa 2007

They were all excited to see Santa. and I hadn't waited until Christmas eve to get them, so it was going good.. well we got up there and Veronica did not want to look at him or sit with him.. nothing new.. but Val saw her sister acting this way and decided she didn't want to sit with him either.. so they say on my lap, and I sat next to Santa... oh well..

and for a are the ones from previous years.
this one is the mall "official pic" Dec 06 (at least val would sit with santa last year, lol)- oh and it was taken Christmas eve 06.. ugh the line was killer

and this one is from a small GTG at a daycare same Dec 06-
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and the worst.. Veronica's first Christmas 05 - taken on christmas eve mall almost closing.. the santa was scary, and at another mall from the one I normally go to now

oh and I played with the picture editor with this one.. man his beard was soo yellow! I wished it was white like this, :P

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

22 weeks 3 days - had a 3D 4D ultrasound

So I want to surprise my IPs with an actual video, pictures, and keepsakes from her ultrasounds. They can not come for any of the visits being as they are in Ireland busy with work and their full house and kids school etc. SO I figured I would make the trip to the elective ultrasound place where you can pay and theyll do a 2D 3D and 4D ultrasound, they have pictures they will print for you. They will also make you a DVD of the session which I think the IPs will LOVE! The session didnt go great, the little one was still laying transverse and in a weird position, she had most of her face covered by the placenta so the 3D pics had to be at sort of an angle, and it took awhile to get each shot. She also had her hands above her head and in some pics (the 2D) you can see her legs and feet were thrown up at her face! she is sure comfy because she has not move much from this position, even though I feel her move alot!
Anyway, here are some of the pics, maybe I can take a short video of the DVD I had made and post it. it is very long, so I'll have to do clips only.
hope you can make out what they are
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Monday, November 26, 2007

20 weeks 1 day preggers - 20 wk ultrasound

Had my 20 wk ultrasound today. It was nice to see the little one again, since the last time was at about 10wks. Everything measured perfect. She was all snuggled into my stomach kinda right below my ribs, laying transverse. The tech was saying how shy she was, lol. She had to point the ultrasound sensor at a weird angle just to get a decent profile.

here are the pics I got.
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Friday, November 23, 2007

19 wks 5 days - another pic

Doesn't seem much bigger, but I do think I can say shes "moving on up" lol.
I am having my level 2, 20 weeks Ultrasound Nov 26. so excited.
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Saturday, November 10, 2007

18 weeks pregnant

Not much belly growth since 14 weeks, but I am sure she is getting bigger, as I feel her kicks getting stronger!
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Sunday, October 14, 2007

14 weeks pregnant

my belly is popping out. I have also felt her move for the first time!
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Tuesday, October 9, 2007

its potty time

well, I though maybe if we went out and made a big deal about getting and leting them pick out a potty it would help them get excited about using it.
we went to target, and they had a few potties, and I showed her a dora one, and she didnt like it, she kept telling me "put it back, put it back."
so I showed her the royal potty seat and it sung a short song, and she loved it. so we go that one.

well we get it home and we set it up and after dinner I asked her if she wanted to pee pee in the potty. so we took her diaper off and she sat there, and she wanted to use toilet paper like I did , so I gave her a piece, and she wiped her dry bum, I went down the hall to the laundry room where our other purchased items were, and then Val went into the bathroom and wanted to brush her teeth, and then Veronica started to get up and down off the potty, I was in the laundry room about 3 yrds away, they can see me, and me them. well I went back in to the bathroom and was opening my new swiffer vac and I heard the song play.. I thought NO WAY, did she really just potty.. and I asked her to show me, and she got up and we all cheered. it was so great. yay. I called Paul and told him and he was so excited too. hurray for potty!

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

12 week OB apointment

I went in for my 12 week apt today.
I have lost 1lb, which isnt much, but I'm sure next visit I will gain a ton, lol.
My testing came back good. No ultrasound this appointment, only a heartbeat check via fetal doppler.
It took the nurse a little while to find the baby's heartbeat, but she was looking too high. She finally found it, but I almost got to have another ultrasound if she couldnt find it.
I am feeling fine, still very sleepy in the afternoons, and very rarely I have a short cry for no reason, other than a emotion show or commercial. then I just laugh about it :)
I guess I can start sharing the "belly pics" lol
I just got this dress a couple days ago clearance for $13 at Target, and I love it! its oh so comfy.. here I am 12 weeks 2 days pregnant
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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Ultrasound 10 weeks 3 days preggo

I had my 10 week apt this morn. I am 10 wk 3 days today. I brought my 2 1/2 yr old with me, she didn't want mommy to leave the house without her! I did leave my 1 1/2 yr old at home with daddy though. DH was tired because he worked last night, so he chilled at home with Val.
you can see baby's heart beating away, and moving about. and Veronica saying baby baby in the background. I didn't even have to tell her. I guess she knew from the other ultrasound pictures I had shown her.
oh and I didn't post this sooner because I took a trip to the children's museum with my friend and the twins she babysits... the twins via surrogacy and how I found out about surrogacy. she didn't carry them, but I was introduced to surrogacy through them.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

got my doppler in today

I am 10 weeks 2 days today. I got the fetal heartbeat doppler in today.
I was so anxious to use it I tried it as soon as I opened it. of course with no battery charge I did not pick up anything. So I plugged it in and waited for the night time.
After it charged for awhile I decide to try it again.
I layed flat on the floor and used Astroglide instead of the gel they sent, and it worked better. I heard the heartbeat, and it was about 160 BPM (beats per minute) which is great.
got it on video too.

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

another Ultrasound today 8wks 3 days

Well more great news. I am back from my 8 wk 3 day ultrasound. Got to see the little one’s heart beating away again, and she even moved for a second. Thats it for the RE (reproductive endocrinologist/ fertility specialist)appointments, and will now go to my regular OB/GYN for my next apt. which will be September 17th 9:30am. Here is a pic, and a video from the apt. The RE is so nice as to let me record it.
Don’t know if I’ll have anymore ultrasounds until the 20 week anatomy ultrasound.

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Monday, August 20, 2007

first Ultrasound TODAY

Had my first pregnancy ultrasound as a surrogate after IVF. I am 6 weeks 1 day pregnant.
I was running behind for my apt again. traffic accident up the freeway. I was also so close to being out of gas, that made me even more behind. I was only 5 min late though. then I waited for 45min to be taken back, and then another 15 min waiting with no bottoms on for the ultrasound.. I though I was going to have an anxiety attack, I was just so nervous and excited.
finally the RE came in and we did the U/S. she let me video a little with my camera, but it is hard to see. the little girl is so tiny, and the heartbeat was so small I could hardly make it out.. thats right I said HEARTBEAT. sooo cute lil thing. I got some U/S pics, and my IM wanted me to text her so I did. didn't hear anything back yet. the ultrasound video is a little hard to see, I had to delete it and upload it again, there was a weird buzz sound and no sound of us talking. so . the RE has the arrow from the mouse over the baby during a little of it pointing out things. and then we see the heartbeat... AMAZING

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ok.. it was a half good day.. heres the bad half
I almost lost my job today . I have worked there for 5 years, and there is stupid things I am getting in trouble for. 1, I have an attitude problem. 2, I like to go home sick on Fridays, 3 Fridays within 6 mo is a pattern, and now I am on an "action plan" 1 more incident and I'm fired, also I have until Oct 6th to get my attitude in check and also #3, I dont count my register regulary. those are the major things, there is also other things they brought up. I don't even want to work anymore. but I am the one who carries the insurance, and I need it for the surrogacy, and my kids and family. its stupid retail used bookstore, but I have to keep my job. UGH I am gonna figure something where I can quit my job after this surrogacy.. I miss my girls and I dont wanna miss them growing up anymore.. well my job sent me home for the day, I was so upset...
but now I am with my girls

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Ultrasound tomorrow

10 more hours until my first Ultrasound tomorrow 8:30am.. I will be 6 weeks 1 day pregnant.
We should be able to see the heartbeat. I am so nervous. I wasnt even this nervous on transfer day.
Yeah, yay then I have to go into work. boooo.
I have been so tired lately. I never nap normally. But since being preggo, I have been sooo tired I have napped at least 30 min everyday, sometimes more.
And my bum hurts from the daily Progesterone intramuscular injections, ouch.
pregnancy calendar

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Its my birthday

I turned 24 today. YAY. I got a 14.1 cf upright freezer from my daddy. Paul got me a very pretty jewelry box, I already filled it up, lol. He also got me a 6ft tall, touch to turn on lamp. I also got alot of very nice cards, some with money. Thanks family. I also had dinner at The Texas Roadhouse Grill. It is one of my favorite places since it has opened.

Monday, August 13, 2007

3rd Beta

Beta is 2061, very good #s , doubling time 37hours. Feeling very pregnant these past few days. I feel the fatigue kicking in. And Boobs are sore. This is gonna be a long 9 months. I am 5 weeks 1 day preggo today.
First Ultrasound is scheduled for Aug 20th, I should be 6 weeks 1 day pregnant.

Here is the progression of the pregnancy tests from Aug 5th to Aug 13th
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Thursday, August 9, 2007

Another beta blood draw

Made it to my apt on time, and got the blood draw, and the results came 3:45 after calling 2 times, I am so impatient, and anxious. These results are again positive, and the # is 214, doubling time of 36 hours, and they needed to be withing 48 hours. YAY everything so far is good. Another apt Aug 13th.

Monday, August 6, 2007

Beta HCG blood test TODAY

Today is the first beta HCG pregnancy test day.
Can’t resist taking HPTs before I leave.
Very positive this morning
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APT is at 8:30. Just my luck I hit BAD traffic, 18 wheeler accident on the overpass, and I was stuck for an hour. I have a good feeling about the resluts, I aldready feel emotionally preggo, lol, almost crying to a song playing on the radio. I made it around 9:30 and had my blood drawn around 9:45.
All day thats all I could think about is the results. I had to wait until Connecticut Fertility got the results, and then they had to call me.
I got the results around 3:15, and... I’m PREGNANT. The beta # is 54! Now I go back the 9th for another test to see if the #s are doubling like they are supposed to.
I called R & L about 3:30 (9:30 their time) and told them the wonderful news. They are so excited and L sounds as if she is going to cry, and I am feeling the same, almost crying. They are still cautious as anything could happen, and it is very early. Due date will be April 13th 2008.

Sunday, August 5, 2007

Blood test tomorrow

Blood test is tomorrow, and yes I have to test more.
Morning test, generic online cheapie
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and bottom test in this pic is from this morn too
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bottom test here is from this evening.
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Saturday, August 4, 2007


Aug 4th - I skipped testing today.
recovering addict
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Friday, August 3, 2007

still so excited - addicted to the tests

I have to use more tests, I wait until the evening. And the 7.5dp5dt are the results from today. (Bottom one on this first pic) ( and the 7.5dp5dt means, I tested 7 ½ days past a 5 day old embryo transfer)
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and all these are from this evening too
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Thursday, August 2, 2007

Back to work - and HPTs

Aug 2nd - Wake up, take some pee sticks 1st thing.. What I see are evaps. Some online frinds don’t think so and tell me they look pos. Thanks for the pos thinking!
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Well all day, thinking about those evaps, got me wanting to know for sure, so I planned to hit up CVS for some different HPTs. I got a couple boxes of differnt tests and set my way home to take a few. I rip open the boxes, and pee in a cup to use for the tests. This are the results of the afternoons pee sticks. (Top one is supposed to make a +/- plus or neg sign for the results)
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a blue dye test,( NOT a +/- test)
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an Accuclear pink dye test
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Well those look more like positives to me than the others.. But I still can’t believe it. More online gals tell me pos+ tests, and then tell me to try the digital HPT. Now that is the answer of all answers. Ok, I am going to prove these glas that they are evaps, and not positives. Grab one of my digital tests, rip it open and dip it in. I wait and wait and wait.... Nothin, no answer, blank screen. Dead batteries test. ARG, I only have 1 more left, but I am gonna show these gals. I grab my other one, rip it open dip it in and hope it works.. The hour glass pops up and starts to blink. Thank God it is working. I am so nervous and excited, I dunno what to think or do. I run and get my camera to take a pic when the answer pops up to post it onlie. Well after I got it and took a pic, I realized I can video it as it happens. Just my luck the batteries are too dead to take video. I ran as fast as my legs could go and get new batteries, and change them as fast as lightning.. I made it in time. Actually more than enough time because the video has like 20-30 seconds of waiting.
View the video I took.

and just the results pic.
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Wow, I was wrong. All the tests I thought were just evaps were actually positive and I was SO happy! I am not to tell L or R until the blood test Monday August 6th. This is going to be hard.

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

More tests

More negative tests. Trying to stay positive.
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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

2nd day of testing , and time to go home

Took 2 cheapy tests, both neg. Also took a generic stick test, and behold, I see something.. WHAT this early.. No way.. But maybe it is a pos +
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It’s time to go back home. We had our last day of yummy hot breakfast and packed up and headed to the airport in our rental car. Wow, we really should have looked at the directions better because we spent about 2-3 hours driving. One of those hours not knowing where we were going or what we were gonna do if we missed the flight. The streets are very confusing. But after I finally figured it out we made it to the airport in time.
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I get home, and see my family whom I missed SOOO much. And it is Paul and I’s 3 year anniversary. He got me roses, how sweet.