Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Nucal scan today 12 week 5 days

I had the nucal scan today. everything went great, we will have the results from the doctor within 2 weeks.
I brought my camera to video, but they wouldn't let me record anything. they did get pictures for me burned to a CD I guess I should be thankful for that?!
the US tech didnt even try to look in "that" region, like ~some~ do.. this early gender determination would be hard, but some have done it. oh well I guess we are waiting until 20 weeks to know whether to call it a him or a her... not just him/her, lol.
there was lots of bouncing around the tech had a hard time getting the right profile pic. it was kinda funny, baby would be sitting just right, then flip, then tech would move the US thingy, then baby would flip right back where he/she needed to be just a min before. playing tricks already, uh oh I hope you are ready F & L for what this little one has in store for you, lol!!
let me tell you how "smart" I am... I installed a new faucet in my girls bathroom.. by myself. yes, I am Mrs Fix It, even when I a pregnant, probably esp when pregnant. Well, the cabinet hole is tiny, like for anyone to fit in, esp with my chest lol.. I could hardly get in enough to see what I was doing. So I wake up with a huge pain in my neck shoulder area.. I couldn't think why. Well my friend N says, well you installed that faucet yesterday. how could I have forgotten that. DUH thats where my pain is from. Gosh I should have know better with my neck pain history. anyway..
the only crown to rum profile pic she added to the CD
the best close up profile of face
can you see the face.. I can

Thursday, February 12, 2009

10 weeks 6 days.. i am calling this one 11 weeks, lol

"Skipping ahead" again. not 11 weeks on the dot, but close enough.
the little one was bouncing around this ultrasound, looking oh so adorable.
doing GREAT. trying not to get too tired.
I also have used the doppler again. little one giving me a scare for a bit. I was looking in all the wrong places for his/her heartbeat!
I think the SCH is still there, but now very very tiny. I had minimal brown spotting which is from the SCH.
I am scheduled to have the 1st trimester screening (nucal scan for downs syndrome early diagnosis) done Feb 25th, memorial hermann sugar land
see cute cute video

Thursday, February 5, 2009

9 weeks 6 days .. I'll call it 10 weeks OB apt w ultrasound

I was scheduled to go into the RE tomorrow, but at the last min they told CT fertility that they don't do ultrasounds past 8 weeks. which is weird because they let me make the apt for the 10 week ultrasound at the 8 week apt.
I was scheduled to go into the OB anyway, so we did end up getting an ultrasound at 10 weeks like the RE in CT wanted.
baby looked great, he/she looked as if they were sleeping. not jumping around this ultrasound.
great fetal tones, and little arms and legs showing and everything.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

I used the fetal doppler for the 1st time this pregnancy

I got out the doppler I bought last year and plugged it in to charge. When it had charged enough I took it off to see if I could hear the baby's heartbeat. After laying for about 2 minutes I found it!!! how crazy.
I didnt get to try it last time until 10 weeks and some odd days. and today at 9 weeks 2 days I heard it.
it is very faint, even with the volume turned all the way up on the thing. I am going to try and record it later on video!!
just wanted to share the awesome news!
ok I look silly but here is the video.. finally