Wednesday, August 27, 2008

the ball is rolling forward a bit

I got news in an email from my IPs that they received they contract today. They will have to read over it, and see if anything needs to be changed and then have it sent over to me to review.
CFA has also sent an email today regarding ultrasound and blood work. They informed me that they now fly the surrogates out to CT for their screening instead of having it done locally. That stinks, but hey I gotta do what I gotta do. They did say they would ask Dr D if I for sure have to fly there, esp since I have worked with them before and had my screening done here. Hopefully I don't have to travel for the screening, that would stink, its a long flight, and from the airports, its a long drive to get to the clinic.
Well see what happens.

Friday, August 15, 2008

I am officially 25!!

well the day is coming to an end, and I have to say it was a good one. My 25th birthday.
I got to sleep in this morning, thanks to my hubby Paul. He also got me 2 cards, one from the girls and one from him. They were both cute. He also got me another priceless gift, we are in the trial mode of it right now. Thank you hunny. We went to see "Hancock" at the Star Cinema Grill, and ate wings, while my SIL T watched the girls.
I was also very surprised when I received a flower delivery around 2:00. I was sure my mom sent flowers since she hadn't sent a card, or a gift, and she usually does that. No, they were not from her, they were from my new IPs F & L. They are so wonderful, and the arrangement is so beautiful. Thank you Thank you!!
see here
My dad sent me a b-day card, with a gift card to Lowes. I am wanting to get a new gas stove in the near future and the $ will go towards that.
MY MIL came over with cup cakes, a single tres leches for me, and a "money tree" with $20 in dollar bills strung on the leaves.
My SIL also came over and got me one of the wipe off boards, mon - fri, just like the one she has that I had been eying and wanting for awhile.
and thanks to all for your Texts, myspace comments, and messages!! I heart you all for thinking of me on my birthday!!

I forgot to show off our new kitten..

We don't have a name for her yet (any suggestions?), and we arnt even 100% shes a girl either. But were are pretty sure..
We adopted this kitty August 4th. We got her from one of Paul's friends. The momma had had these kittens June 6th, and now the friend needed to have the kittens addopted out as they had too many cats already. These cats were not even officially hers, I guess you can consider them the neighborhood stray, that decided that they were going to live at B's house and so they did, and B and her family sorta adopted them by feeding them..
anyway she is really good with the girls, the girls are ok with her, they need to be alittle more gentile. and Merlin our boxer just wants to play with the kitten, haha.
here she is.. all gray..
with Valerie of course

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

I feel so good I feel so great, yeah!

Ah, I sigh of relief now that I am back with my good ol agency Circle. They have matched me again with the most wonderful IPs F & L, who are in Switzerland! (7 hour time difference than here in TX)
We had or first phone call earlier this evening and talked for an hour the first go around, (we missed L on the first call) and then about 30-45 min on the second call. All went well, we clicked very quick, and we all are into our "match" and very ready and eager to move one step closer to making F & L parents! (as this will be their first child/children)
Circle has all of my medical records, and sent them on by Dr Doyle's office for reviewing, which has already been completed. I also have my MMPI psych screening completed as of my last journey so hopefully that will be one thing we can save time on and skip.
I am also VERY excited to be working with Dr Doyle and CFA again. woo hoo :)
I have also signed up for a new message board as of 2 months ago called
I have been getting deals like crazy! things for free, nearly free, and things with overage!
I wish I would have checked into this sooner. I just think for the longest time I thought it was too good to be true.
there is a system and a rhyme and a reason to how its done, but the site helps out with all of that.
anyway, here is some of what I have been up to regarding the couponing I am speaking of!
do YOU know the real value of a coupon!?!?!
take a gander at some of my coupon related pics
MY organization
and my ever growing STASH