Monday, March 23, 2009

16 weeks 3 days - OB apt nucal results

OB apt today, lost 2 lbs, that's ok since I HAVE been eating.
Baby's heart rate is around 150bpm. Results of nucal scan are normal woohoo.
I set up the apt for the BIG ultrasound, which is on April 22nd 10am!
ALSO, I took a gender test the other day, which is called Intelligender, which is a gender test that use FMU to see if you are having a boy or girl.. probably not accurate as some would like?? but still fun.
Just as I am thinking...
if this is true, this will be the first male child I have given birth to, so far it has been 3 girls (2 my own, 1 for R&L)
Also sharing a "belly pic" which I already have too much belly, lol.
16 weeks on Friday March 20th

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