Thursday, August 6, 2009

Baby "stuff"

I have some of F & L's things for the baby, they left them here so they don't have to travel with them before the baby needs to use them. What do you think, CUTE huh, can't wait to see what the real baby looks like in it... am "I" thinking of having another of my own now, hmmm I dunno... Ok yes I have been thinking about this, BUT we have to have to wait until Paul and I are ready at the same time, and my body needs time to recoop, as I havent even delivered this one yet!! All this baby stuff is so exciting, and even more exciting when its your own. anyway on to F & L's baby things, lol. love the change of subject huh!?!?
They have the Graco Snug Ride infant car seat and carrier. Also the awesome Graco Quattro Tour stroller.
I asseblemed everything so they will be ready when they arrive in TX for baby. here is the Graco Sungride with one of the girls dolls in it.and the Graco Quattro stroller ( I suugested this as they will have a bit of traveling in airports to do) I love this stroller.put them together and this is what you get.. oh so comfy. I want to ride IN one too! close the shade for some shut eye!there is also a sippered peep hole if you don't want to open shade to sneak a peek, lol.

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