Monday, January 12, 2009

Ultrasound because of bleeding - 6wks 3days

I was sent to an ultrasound today due to some bleeding I had yesterday. The ultrasound showed Lone Ranger to be fine, and even bigger just 3 days after the first ultrasound.
The ultrasound also revealed a subchorionic hemorrhage, where the bleeding had come from.
I am now on bedrest, and hoping the SCH will absorb and go away soon. The RE also said that it might bleed again, or that it might not. They can't tell you for sure , and I asked, and they said the cause of the SCHs are unknown, and usually the PG turns out well. but there is a *slight* increase risk of MC, which I am praying doesnt happen.
I have an OB apt Thurs at noon, then another RE apt next friday the 23rd at 8 weeks pregnant.



and a pic

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