Thursday, August 27, 2009

Time is ticking down to the induction.... 39wk belly pic

I am 39 weeks and going in for my induction. Hope all goes well, and I hope to get out soooon, cause I already miss my girls and I havent even been away from them from an hour yet!!
took some pics earlier today. I never wear makeup so "enjoy" lol. from all angles cause we won't be seeing this again. at least for a looooong time it at all. Get ready to be born "Little Lone Ranger"!!


  1. I love love love love your maternity shirt! This is missmoose from SMO and good luck on the induction! Frederico, come meet your family!

  2. I will be thinking about you tomorrow. Hope it all goes smoothly. I LOVE your shirt. If you feel it needs a new home, let me know. Amanda (twolilones0002 from SMO)