Thursday, July 23, 2009

3D 4D ultrasound & update 33wks 6 days

Still no baby name!!

My IPs are in town today and tomorrow. They went with me to an OB apt this morn and asked a few questions they had. We also got a date for tentative delivery AUG 26th!!
Everything looks great, weight gain is fine, blood pressure great, and baby is head down! The ultrasound tech said he probably weights around 5lbs 10oz, and looking at maybe weighing 7lbs 10oz when he is born.

next stop was to the 3D 4D ultrasound place. We had a 15 min video made, and got some ok face shots, way better than surro babe #1 !!! and theres no doubt he is a BOY!
I picked a few shots from the session, plus working on loading parts of the video to youtube. I first have to put shorter videos on my camera then load that way. check back for that though.
My IPs have also decided to bank the baby's cord blood and I have the collection kit when delivery time comes. What a neat idea!.......

can you see his face? the 2D version of the ultrasound is on the left. his lips are open a bit, and in front of his left eye is the placenta, hes snuggled into it a little.
These are his.... well you can see.. his "boy bits" lol!! when we saw this I started laughing, and they started to jiggle on the screen!!!! He was having such a good time sucking on his hand and wrist he didn't move his hands from in front of his mouth much. but we got a good pic of his lips here for a sec.
Another face shot, hand/ arm at his chin, placenta on right side of picture.And this is what youd see if you were looking down on him from the top of his head. His eyes are at the top of the pic, and this is a good shot of his hands and arms. His hand is in his mouth!


  1. My stomach sank to my toes, when I saw your blog. I am very excited for you and would like to have more info about this agency for Surrogates. We would love to get more info on it and we are also in TX

  2. awwww Amanda how cute! I love his little puckered lips!

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  4. I love those 3D-4D ultrasound pics. They're so amazing...