Monday, August 6, 2007

Beta HCG blood test TODAY

Today is the first beta HCG pregnancy test day.
Can’t resist taking HPTs before I leave.
Very positive this morning
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APT is at 8:30. Just my luck I hit BAD traffic, 18 wheeler accident on the overpass, and I was stuck for an hour. I have a good feeling about the resluts, I aldready feel emotionally preggo, lol, almost crying to a song playing on the radio. I made it around 9:30 and had my blood drawn around 9:45.
All day thats all I could think about is the results. I had to wait until Connecticut Fertility got the results, and then they had to call me.
I got the results around 3:15, and... I’m PREGNANT. The beta # is 54! Now I go back the 9th for another test to see if the #s are doubling like they are supposed to.
I called R & L about 3:30 (9:30 their time) and told them the wonderful news. They are so excited and L sounds as if she is going to cry, and I am feeling the same, almost crying. They are still cautious as anything could happen, and it is very early. Due date will be April 13th 2008.

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