Wednesday, December 19, 2007

3 videos from the 3D 4D 2D ultrasound - almost 23 weeks

I uploaded 3 separate videos all from the same session/DVD .. I had to record them with my digital camera in segments.. the DVD is 53 min long.. so I uploaded about 4 min total of the 23 wk ultrasound video
they are the 3 newest ones added today.. dont confuse it with the older one taken at 10 weeks, lol..
oh and no sound
as you see her face is pressed right up against the placenta so the 3D 4D images arnt great.. shes too cozy
also in this first video you can see the tech giggleing my belly trying to get the baby to move so we can see her face better in 3D 4D.

more 3D 4D

and just some 2D

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