Saturday, March 3, 2007

Sunburn.. OUCH!!!

OK I went and helped my sister in-law, today at the softball fields at George Park. I had to pass out fliers and advertise and market the action shots she and 3 other photograpers  were taking of the girls playing softball. it was their opening day so there was lots of excitment and and kids. The wind was blowing hard, and it was kinda chilly, but the sun was shining. I had a good time and signed up alot of parents to see thier childs photos.
      Well here comes the bad part. I didn't remember to put on sunscreen. Even when I got there and noticed the sun, it didn't dawn on me to protect me poor pale skin! So I go home with a burnt face, scalp, and arms. Veronica saw my red face and said "ewww". I told her mommy's face was HOT, so she started to blow on my face as to cool it off, lol.

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