Wednesday, March 14, 2007

first contact with IPs L & R - and Children's Museum visit today

I talked L & R for the very first time today at 1 pm our time. They are so very nice, and easy to talk to.
we spent an hour on the phone talking about our jobs, kids, books and travel before having to say goodbye.. they are 6 hours ahead of me (in Ireland), and they have 3 sons, so we both have a very busy home life.
They said they want to get the testing going and want this to get on its way, no waiting. they want another baby now, lol..
quoted from my email from agency about our first contact call
"they are so excited about working with you.  They 
told her you were incredibly sweet and they felt connected to you

I am thrilled to have L & R , as my IPs
(check out my cool bouncy I stole from SMO lol)
I guess this is our lucky time of year.. its the luck of the Irish!!!

heres whats next-
The next steps are that we will be submitting the information today 
for the contract to be drafted. R and L will review it first
and it will then be sent to you and the attorney we'll refer you to
for review. (R and L pay for your legal representation). We
will also let our coordinator (Nancy) know of the match and will send
your profile and records to CT Fertility, where R and L are
working. CT Fertility will contact you and schedule you for a short
phone consult with Dr. Doyle and then he will order your screening.
Nancy will set you up with a clinic local (as close as possible) to
you where you will be able to have your screening and monitoring
completed. I will be sending you out the MMPI exam this week as well
to complete and return to me. I will also be emailing you with the
contact information for the social worker who will be following you
and supporting you through this journey. All of this generally takes
about a month to complete (contracts and screening), so this is a
great time to continue to get to know R and L!!

Once screening is complete, CT Fertility will set the schedule for
the cycle to begin!"

Children's Museum visit-
it is spring break this week so my mom and her kids are off all week. The girls and I got
 invited to go to the childrens museum in downtown Houston. It was real rainy all day,
but we made it from parking into the museum. It was really crowded, and so very loud, but
 all in all we had a good time. We got Icees which I dumped 2 on the ground, ugh. and
Veronica had 1 meltdown before we left. As we were leaving the worst of the rain decided
 to come down , and drown Houston. Mom took off her shoes and ran to get the SUV, and picked
us up in the front. The rain slowed alot, but the streets were still covered in water. We made
it out in ease with the giant Escalade. Girls slept on the way home.

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