Friday, March 30, 2007

moving forward, local testing PLUS - MMPI-2 results

I got an email today from Nancy who is going to be my coordinator now that I am matched with  R and L. She said R & L are working with Connecticut Fertility, and they will go there for thier testing, and that is where the embryo transfers will take place. I will not be going there for any testing, I will have that done locally. Nancy is setting up screening, and monitoring to be done by Cooper Institute for Advanced Fertility. I looked them up online and they seem to have an office in the Sugar Land area, which would be great for me, but Houston would be ok too. She also said she faxed my MMPI-2 results to CT Fertility, and tells me “by the way, your sane”. Lol how funny! I “passed” the MMPI-2, yeah!!
CT Fertility will contact me regarding pre screening requirements, medications and when the actual cycle is ready to take place they will fax the monitoring clinic (Cooper Institute) orders for my tests.
Sounds exciting, I can’t wait.

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