Friday, March 16, 2007

Reading a new book - signs from god, lol

I don't know how I feel about "signs" from god. But I do know how Ironic the things in this book are, to the local, a name, and ethnicity of my present IPs in my surrogacy journey.

So I go to the chick lit secion of the bookstore I work in, and grab a few books from the shelves reading tidbits from the summary on the back, nothing too revealing. I settle on a couple titles. When lunch time rolls around I grab the book called The Baby Trail, about a gal whos is trying to concieve a baby. Me being in to the having babies scene, this is my choice to read first. I start into the novel, and get to the main character, a gal named Emma. One page into this book she starts describing herself, and just "happened" to be Irish! so I stop and think out of all the books I grab, and pick to read first I pick the one with an Irish main character. just a little funny to me. So just to see, I check the back page "about the author" , guess what shes Irish, living in Ireland. I had just talked to my IPs about reading, and how L wanted to send me some Irish "chick lit", and I miraculously picked and Irish author a few days after that call. This is getting weirder!
Well I read and read. The story is a very cute one, so I am hooked.  As soon as I get into chapter 2 , Emma describes an ex boyfried, whos name happens to be R, the same name as my IF (intended father). I burst into laughter, as I cannot belive this, even more "signs"!! my luch hour draws to an end and I finished the chapter I was on.

now early into this match, the day I got L & R's profiles, I asked god for a sign that these were the right people for me to help. Well it is the season for Irish celebration St. Patricks day so of course the is lots of green around, but while shopping I saw a shirt rack with the words SALE on top. Very cheap so I knew I could get a couple, and they turn out to be Irish , and st patricks day shirts.. that could be a sign. It took me aback, because as soon as I saw what they were I thought "sign", but I dunno, It was just ironic, and I am noticing these things lol..
just werid and funny to me.

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