Wednesday, March 21, 2007

MMPI-2 - psychiatric screening

The MMPI-2 short for the  Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory-2, It is required by a lot of surrogacy agencies, and REs (Reproductive Endocrinologist) for a surrogate to take and "pass" the test.
the general PURPOSE of the MMPI is-
The results of the MMPI-2 allow the test administrator to make inferences about the client's typical behaviors and way of thinking. The test outcomes help the examiner to determine the test taker's severity of impairment, outlook on life, approaches to problem solving, typical mood states, likely diagnoses, and potential problems in treatment. The MMPI-2 is used in a wide range of settings for a variety of procedures. The inventory is often used as part of inpatient psychiatric assessments, differential diagnosis, and outpatient evaluations. In addition, the instrument is often used by expert witnesses in forensic settings as part of an evaluation of a defendant's mental health, particularly in criminal cases. The MMPI has also been used to evaluate candidates for employment in some fields, and in educational counseling.

I got The MMPI in the mail Monday afternoon. There are 567 true false questions, for anyone who doesn't know. It is a long, and boring test, with lots of repetitive questions. I only got to sit down for mabey 30 minutes to start taking the test, before I had to go to sleep. I had to be up early the next morning for work.
Tuesday I got about the same amount of time in to work on the test.
Wednesday (Today) rolls around and during the girls long afternoon nap, I finished the test and Emailed it in to Rachel.
She emailed me back saying I should get the results in about a week. I don't plan on emailing and bugging them for the results before a week, even though I will be impatient waiting on them lol!

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