Saturday, March 17, 2007

Finished my "sign" book :p

This book is really cute, mabey the chick lit is my thing now. This is too funny. I am a member of a book club, yet I have not read any of the books they are reading yet. I guess I like reading this which have some relativity to what I am going through, or things which I am interested in.
I finished the book today, and Emma, who is a makeup artist does make up for Amanda, which is my name.. weird sign haha.
well Emma tries everything to get pregnant. The things she tries and goes through is funny and sad at the same time. She tries natuarlly for a year,  fertility drugs for about 7 months, and even a round of IVF. She considers Surrogacy but  quote- " What about surrogacy?  No, I didn't want another woman giving birth to my egg, and James's sperm. It'd be like he'd had sex with her or something. Besides the surrogacy women you see on TV were rough as old boots and the thought of having to hold some dodgy bird's hand while she pushed my baby out was way too weird." adoption was her only option in her mind.. in the end she ended up adopting.. what a cute stroy though!!

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