Friday, March 2, 2007

Finalizing phone application with Circle Surrogacy

I had a 1 hr 15 min phone interview with Circle Surrogacy today. We talked and talked about the whole surrogacy process, like testing, cycling, and matching with IPs (Intended Parents). I am getting so excited about this whole process. I can't belive how much has happened since I first applied. I really like Circle Surrogacy. They have been the nicest, and quickest to respond to my emails, questions, qnd phone calls.
Well seeing as the time just flies, it'll be no time before I am turned into a human pincushion! there are 2 different injections I will have to be taking. one isn't so bad, you can give it relitivly easy. The other I was warned is sometimes difficult to give yourself because you HAVE to inject it into a muscle, eek! I wonder if I can't get my mom to come over and give it to me everyday. I would trust shed be more likely to give it to me correctly seeing as how she was a nurse for a little while. Either way, I'll figure out how to get it.
Paul has a Phone  interview with Circle Surrogacy Sunday at noon. They want to make sure he is on board, and supporitve of the whole surrogacy thing, being he is my main support. He really doesn't have any real questions, but also doesn't know step by step what to expect. He just has a general idea, and thats all he really wants to know right now. If it isnt about cars, hes not very interested in every detail.
I have applied to some other agancies, but with so many mixed reviews, and varried responses to my inquiries, I am sure It'll be Cirlce Surrogacy I'll be matched with, and I am proud.
My friend Michelle came over today to hang out too. The phone interview interuped our shopping trip (sorry chelle) and I didn't find myself any new shoes yet, darn. We also went out to eat at Buffalo wild Wings, for the first time since it was built over here. There wing sauces were very different and also had a lot more flavors and levels of hot to choose from. I got half mild half medium, they were really good, and so were their potato wedges!
ahhh, what a day

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