Friday, July 27, 2007

Transfer day was TODAY!!

I got up 7:45. had breakfast and out of the hotel by 8:25am
I was supposed to be at Connecticut Fertility Associates at 9, but the drive was shorter than what we expected My mom and I arrived 8:35. They did take me back around 8:45. and I changed into my gown. I still had my t-shirt on, and had to put the gown on over that. I also had to tuck my hair into a blue hair net, and I wore brown ugly hospital socks.
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Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
R & L arrived at 9, and I wanted L to watch the transfer so the nurse sent her back. we were in a sort of "holding area" behind a hospital curtain. We hadn't heard the results of the embryo PGD testing (preimplantation genetic diagnosis -biopsy of embryo). they can test and see if the genetic material is normal in the embryo. they biopsied 8, 3 were "no answer" so they have the option to freeze those, and 4 were abnormal in some way, and only 1 tested normal. L was surprised there was only one normal left after testing, and teared up, but then mentioned that it is a GIRL. when testing the dna, you can also tell the gender. and if this cycle works R & L will have there GIRL! how exiting!
Dr Doyle came back, and went over the results of the PGD with us, and I had to sign some papers. Then the nurse Christine came and walked me to the transfer room. there was a little window on the door and a little window next to the door on the wall, for my mom and L to watch the transfer. The embryologist came in and asked my name, and got the embryo. He put it under the microscope in the next room, which you could see on a mounted TV screen, that we could all see in the next room. it was sucked into the transfer tool, and then handed off to Dr D. nurse Christine had the Ultrasound on my abdomen, and we watched Dr D guide and transfer the embryo to my nice fluffy uterus!
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Christine, brought a hospitail stretcher into the room, and I had to wiggle into it, and I was wheeled into recovery, and I had to lye on my back for about 20 min. then I was able to leave. We went to the waiting room where R & L were waiting talking over what they were doing with the 3 "no answer" embies that were left. I waited for them to be done, I wanted one last good bye pic.
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We talked about whats to come, and the excitment of delivery, and girl names etc. then we hugged and said good bye.
I am hopeing to hold out POAS until tuesday when we leave. I will be 4dp5dt, or I might wait until 5dp5dt.. or even later. hope I can hold out, and see BFP when I do test!

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