Thursday, July 26, 2007

Moved hotels, and visited the Westport beach

breakfast this morning was awful. we didn't even get to eat, and ended up with a headache which was very quickly eliminated.
The Hilton Garden inn was very crappy, and the customer service sent over the edge and we went packing. Edwin who made our travel arrangements made us reservations at the courtyard Marriott which my mom found online, which is cheaper, and free breakfast! We got here and it is great. much nicer, and way better customer service.
WE got unpacked again. We went out for lunch at Ruby Tuesday, it smelled like feet in there but we were starving and stayed. I had a Jones soda, check out the soda cap-
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we went back to the hotel, got dressed, packed our swim suits, and headed out to the beach.
L suggested westport beach (Compo Beach) so we went there. It was nice. We rented chairs and an umbrella, and chairs, and changed into our suits in their restrooms.
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The water was pretty cold, and not deep at all. I went very far out and it barley went past my knees. It was a very weird feeling. You could see in the water and I could see and feel these little black things at my feet. there were tons of them. I was scared to pick them up, but I did. they ended up being snails, and they came out of their shells and slugged across my hand, ugh gross! There was also really no waves.
The beach was kinda steep, and the sand was hot. There were lots of gulls around (different than what we have in TX)
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I had some crackers in my purse and was playing a game with the gulls. I was seeing how close they would come to us to get a piece of cracker. They were so funny. They would come close and seem like they were going to get it, then run away, lol. I then found some shells along the water line that were stuck together. They seemed to be alive. I also found a live whole oyster. I found 2 rocks and broke apart the shells and oyster, and gave the birds the shells to pick clean their gooey insides.
After sitting on the beach for 2 hours. we eft. drove around a bit. Stopped at a Dunkin Donuts and had coffee and a donut and headed back to the hotel. We hung around for a but. went out to eat, then came back and hung around till we got tired and went to sleep.

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