Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Humane society adoption - NEW PUPPY

I went and looked at the dogs they had there this past sat, and found a dog that we liked, and she is sweet. and we applied for her. we filled out a paper, and was told it could take 3-5 days. I had to leave my vets info and # since we have a Merlin already.
also I went back up there sunday, and she wasnt in her kennel where I saw her, and I asked the lady at the desk where she was, and she told me she went to surgery to be spayed.
she is like the only dog there that I couldnt find online, and she didnt have paperwork on her kennel, they forgot to name her like they usally do so her paperwork we got now says "stray" as her name.
also there was another dog with her tag #, so they had 2 # 88s.. I almost applied for the wrong dog.

I left work early at 3 to go pick her up and fill out the adotion papers. They get the paperwork and I have to sign some papers and pay the fee. The gal goes back to get my dog, and she comes back the the other # 88 the tiny ugly wire hair male dog, and I'm like no thats the wrong dog. one gal said its a male, and mine is a female. so I went back with her and there she was still in her kennel. They had to take her next door because they still had to have her rabies shot, and 1 last check up. we finally got out of ther at 4:30, and traffic was oh so bad. didnt get the girls until 5:10 .
she has pottied in the house 2 times, pee pee. and she jumps and pays hard just like a puppy should.

she already knows how to use the doggy door, she just needs to learn thats where the pee pee goes. I think she pood outside though.
anyway shes a barking at merlin, he has a bone she wants.. dang she keeping "krunk" with him. and she stole the bone when he wasnt looking.. haha, I guess a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do.
I named her Gwinnie, she is appro 4mo old, and on her papers it says she is a dacschund/ small smooth hair, so she is a mix of those 2 things.. she is long and short legs like a daschund, but is very thick and has a lab-like face. very puppy, and It has been so long since I have potty trained a dog, I dunno where to start.


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