Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Time line protocol is HERE!!

We have the GO from CT fertility clinic, and I have gotten my time line of meds and events today.
I checked my email today, and there they were, just like Shanon said they would be.
I was so excited when I saw the email. I opened it right away!
L has started her cycle and will start her BC Pills Wed 23rd, and I am expected to start May 25th, and start BCPills may 27th..
The estimated day of egg retrieval is between July 22nd- July 27th, so that leave the transfer for July 25th - August 1st, of course depending on the retrieval date.
I start Lupron injections June 14th, and stop the day before egg retrieval, but then start taking PIO (progesterone in oil) intramusclcular injections from then on out, and continuing during a pregnancy till around 12wks. OUCH!

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